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  1. Username: Fishfry666 How long have you been playing: Roatz? few weeks. RS? 14 Years Do you have any experience in Singles? (Specify if so): Yes, many Thousand hours in Singles alone. Teams you've been in before: Foreign Forces, Misfits, Intense Redemption, Frontline Can you join Skype/Discord calls: Discord Only. Fuck Skype
  2. Hello All Who clicked this. I'm Currently looking for a Singles PK, Deepwilderness Team. Here's a bit about me. Names TJ, Have been playing Runescape since i was 8 Years old (Report me to jagex) I love to PK. It's all i Do. I Tis a Dairy Farmer? lel Clan History: (OSRS And RSPS) Intense Redemption Frontline Foreign-Forces and Lastly. Misfits. I WILL NOT PAY AN ENTRY FEE. Due to me knowing, i'm probably one of the better pkers. and will not pay to Carry a Team. Suk me kok innit
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