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  1. A vote boss that spawns every X amount of server votes... this could work I suppose - would be ideal to have it so that once someone types ::claim to get their vote it should tell them that there are X amount of votes remaining until a boss will spawn, providing incentive to tell their friends to vote as well
  2. Similar to LMS have it so that someone can host a ::tournament style of their choice with a minimum host of 100k pkpt. To avoid disruption with the automated tournaments make it so that you cannot host during a tournament or X amount of time before the next one in the rotation, could be cool
  3. Make it so that in LMS if you DC and log back in you get a small window of time to get back into the game if you were to disconnect, this currently happens for tournaments
  4. you clearly had more food to start with
  5. kits need to be refreshed and a few tournaments added/removed


    Server Support - Nov 2016 Moderator - Feb 2017 Admin - Feb 2018 Resigned and Demoted - April 2022 Been a good 6 year run, less than 100 hours played in the last 12 months alone has lead to this coming sooner or later. Will still play here and there, cba to @ everyone, you know who you are
  7. Get a grip man holy fuck
  8. Any RG member besides @Tesfxye, you wouldn't want to throw away your PKP like that
  9. not enough roat vids compared to other rsps's, so no atm
  10. uploaded 7 months ago and then no roat vids since, other server take up the majority of your channel since this 1 video, no rank to be given here
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