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  1. Raids is dead content now, nothing is wrong with DH & if raids were to ever find it's way into the game I support resetting all relevant items and adding them to the raids drop-table. Considering raids has been out for a very long time and it has not yet found it's way into Roat I wouldn't expect it at all. Especially since Gretar would prefer to spend more time making colored Angel Capes
  2. Pls don't call is 'free advertisement' lol, nice tho
  3. wow - cannot believe we're getting this for free !!
  4. CONTENT COUNT 6 JOINED November 2, 2019
  5. Didn't read, you're an idiot
  6. If people who for example have played the game for years were given PKP for all of achievements they have already met in one go the PKP influx would be damaging for the game
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