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  1. Buy light trousers need asap for clue and find em anywhere pm me in game or w/e
  2. hey, so I got all these fire max capes/hoods piling up in my bank from killing jad, is there anyway we could maybe exchange them for bhp or swap a certain amount of them for like a new untradeable item/ or even jad pet? Idk just and idea since there only good for a big dick flex atm
  3. 96 or 98 doesn't really matter, I don't care which 1 it was... just thought it was pretty impressive for a dbow spec
  4. Spewin didn't get the screenshot, but maxed a 98 with dbow down spec at hpevent yesterday. Turlak can back me up he seen it
  5. So I've got all these fire max capes & hoods building up in my bank, am I missing something that I should be doing with them? Or can I sell them somewhere or something.
  6. Just wanting to know what bolts I should be using for pvp/pvm theres so many different types im unsure whats good for what? Is dragonstone dbolts better than regular dbolts for pvp or should I be using onyx? Someone explain... cheers
  7. I agree, dzone is over run by private cc you can't even go leg/extreme zone without one of them sweaty weasels calling the whole clan to come pk you for 500pkp its putrid.
  8. You do know that you can right click and choose the open-all keys option right?... lol?
  9. Yeah hard to ever get a reply from yell these days haha
  10. Haven’t played in years so a lot is new to me, but thanks
  11. Gday, just wondering what bolts are best used for pvp/pvm & bosses such as jad/skotizo. I know dragon bolts (e) are only good against players, but what about the rest of them? thanks.
  12. came back after 4 years and alots changed and I don't know what is and what isn't rare anymore??? these items are for sale I have blue hween, purple&blue phat, wings of sara, angel wings, easter eggs, santa hats, str ammy (t)
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