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  1. One of Roats best moderators doesn't even have his veteran crown. smh
  2. Rep4rep I'm now 800 post count so cool Loc vet rank? Tagging friends xx @Fruitiest @Xex
  3. Bro honestly i hate it and if it was released to be singles permanently, i think it'll push me to log out and not log back in again.
  4. Idk why you're so rattled about it. Nobody has quit the server due to the dark bow hitting 8-8 you incompetent retard.
  5. How's that make gretar lazy? Go check your max hit at the dummy behind edge bank and delete this topic
  6. 1 slap


    Yes he was mod. And my opinions on the guide? gay.
  7. Gambling on this game is ass
  8. Nice vid mate keep practising on NH. atm you look a lot like my friend @Fruitiest
  9. 1 slap


    In-game names and forum names are separate choose a different name
  10. First song was ass honestly, but sick clips man
  11. 1 slap


    I gotchu killboob
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