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  1. Fanta + smackd = goated Kinda like baz to he seems a good guy Fruit 7bebe Tulrak is cool but got rich forgot his day ones from the hood Babderkun is a menace to society but my n word Skeleton seems a good choice Few noobs say fun times toxic time will tell. Good team overall @Chefss is shit mate stop begging for it been there twice nothing special unless ur 10 years old and want to play police officer. Your posts begging for it are cringe and no offense bro a lil bit weird just play the game and stop drawing attention to yourself you beg the team arent gonna want some weird beg joining them and stfu with the sincerly chef shit thats weird to Edit : @Knasterd would be a good addition to the team
  2. Keys are so bad half the reason wildy is dead
  3. You got potential to be a good commentator man fr keel it up
  4. Can we add a minigun to and maybe an AK for all the arabs
  5. Im never raiding already know it will be 1:100k chance of a t bow
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