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  1. finally getting rid of bmt bro?
  2. God I hope he bins BMT ASAP I hate the fact I have to pay an extra 20% on top of what I'm buying because of V.A.T.
  3. I was white before watching this now am black thx
  4. just make the dismiss option work.. the genie random is complete utter ballache fr
  5. 1 slap


    appreciate the share my n word
  6. Gz lads rankings were well decided imo.
  7. Fuck @JBLIND his videos are shit. retard next vid i want beyonce halo as the song and ill giv u 2k PURE pkt.
  8. Peek my play time and for those hating these 'randys' are good people with incredible play time. Theyll do great for roat. Unlike certain 'vets' who log on for an hour a day and argue on yell who can click a screen faster.
  9. Idk who pixel is XD but congratulations again my homies
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