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  1. The first ones actually pretty solid. Surprised you didn’t get the 2nd one though
  2. Please don’t ever leave us @Xex
  3. What an ugly drop table they have. I mean they’re damn right disgusting. Where is high risk high reward? I suggest adding a new boss slayer key, they’re only obtainable when on task for the specific boss. now I have a few suggestions on rewards/loot. untradeable cosmetics. Custom slayer helm variants, gold? Pink? Rainbow? Whatever the list goes on. Custom boss pets? tradeable loots. x10 slayer key? Maybe x5? PvP items not to high tier just something better than 2.5k perhaps ags? i cba listing potential rewards but you get the jist of things. edit: obv make it rare
  4. Sup. probably killed 900 or so on task (black demon task) never received a slayer key from one as a drop. Not the most desirable drop I know. But should be on the drop table regardless. I don’t know if I’m just getting unlucky or they’re not on the drop table at all. If they’re not please add them on there. also could demonic gorillas be an actual task given by nieve? Thanks.
  5. Meh. i like the suggestion if you were to alch all skilling pets you unlock a title but honestly the rest is just meh. add a cosmetic for maxing all skills is a thing I’d like to see. I wanna max I also like flexing gimmie something cool to flex with.
  6. It’s worth killing multiple if you accidentally run into a boss you’ve already got the heart for as you can bank them for next time just a tip.
  7. Tupac finally someone to sort vet ranks allah has answered back. welcome back mate
  8. Clues are a great addition mate, Fanta and Gretar did a fucking amazing job on them, you don’t have to skill at resource arena it’s high risk for higher xp rate for a reason mate. I’d like to see more bosses though for sure in and outside of PvP definitely. Even an instance vorkath being added would be sweet as the dhcb and dragon hunter lance pretty useless imo.
  9. Roat still doesn’t have playable music tracks in game I suggest to add this on loop for us to gamble along to positive feedback only haters will probably be Mac banned
  10. 1 slap

    top 10 hentai list

    Xex new profile pic he looks so handsome
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