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  1. 1 slap


    React to my posts please or I won’t get veteran rank @Gretar
  2. Gretar: noob smackd: god fanta: god jblind: who? gied: simp khalil: only scammed t bow once a pixel: a god more like xex: best ss on the server fruitest: am absolute gorgeous women goat: mod pm2getbummed: lil peep a goat hence should be a mod flage2: let’s be honest who tf is this karishama: demote thomas fiddle: GOAT death dream: who? supremium: the best
  3. 1 slap


    Ty for the warm welcome community seem so friendly here
  4. 1 slap


    Hey I’m 1 slap and I’m not from Israel @Xex ily
  5. XP lamps from genies would be dope tbf or a rare chance to get one from a genie
  6. Nty cba edge being empty with fear of you and your Dharok set
  7. @Killbob ( in Japanese )
  8. 1 slap


    Congratulations @Fantastic move this to goals and achievements please.
  9. @Xex told me to dislike sorry
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