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Found 5 results

  1. mage can defiantly be improved with ancestral and arcane, range with tbow. And melee with full torva, rapier and sythe.
  2. YOOO what's good guys! So, ya boy just found his folder with all my risk fight screen shots and recordings. I had soo many screen shots that I made a slide show with the kills and constant bank building from the streaks I went on. Trust me, some of these fights are CRAZY lit risks. My bad btw guys, I was a bit busy with school last semester and wasn't on for the usual 5+ hours you guys are used to seeing haha. BUT! Since I stocked up a lot of my risk fights and just some pk clips/bank clips/ + more. Yeah ... I even went all in on this lol Let me know if you guys would like seeing this and me posting again like I used to. I mean I'll probably do it regardless but I love the positive feedback and even the negative critics. Look forward to that and lets just say ... we back babyyy lets get it!
  3. 44.0 KDR atm. 44 kills - 1 death. All my screenshots for some random kid who thought I boosted my kdr LMFAO. http://imgur.com/a/bdfr6
  4. 1. Hotkey / key binds (the ability to put tab switches on a key binding of choice 2. Bank tabs (please i <3 organization) 3. Kill death ratio reset, giving players the option to reset their kills/ deaths and hopefully one day assists. back to zero, rather the player create a new character. Just a few ideas that have come to my mind as playing in the last few days. I love this server, and hope to continue contributing to the community of a server, i cherish greatly! Thanks, Hapz.
  5. Can anyone top this? post your bank pics I will not judge. Won't be able to see the replies till after basic training. See you all in 3 months! Wish me luck
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