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  1. so this is now patched, sadly but remember to hide the weapon before you spec guys remember that!
  2. - dihns special in multi - Crystal halbered in the store - make the lunar spellbook acutally work - infoboxes with boosted stats, or timers for divines
  3. https://gyazo.com/88177a63191b486e4b46fc7e731fa539 https://gyazo.com/3818dfce1d22e601edc58a3a68f263f0 Could the X option actually work ??? or bank fillers??? To make skilling more doable?? But mostly the X option to make stringing bows more doable. yes you could load a kit but you have to wait 10 secs which slows you down quite a bit
  4. whilst you are dead or seed potting you arent able to move, however the trade request ignores that and makes the character move anyway, the trade screen itself it doesnt show up whilst you are dead doe
  5. DAYAM, Could you add info boxes for boosted stats and timers???
  6. yes! if you didnt know you can still trade whilst you are dead it can be really helpful in many situations https://gyazo.com/4d7796879a61fbf5a5837b0937b523bc also you can stack death ????? what that about uhhhh???? https://gyazo.com/4e37945a5739e9cb06aa2f933bded07a https://gyazo.com/bbc7dbfd582570a6ce4f20f41403688c
  7. thank you!!! would you be able to do a method with the sang ???
  8. if you are feeling like a pro pvmer today you can try this method you may ask yourself Why???? The theory behind is redemptions take all the pray away for 24hp so therefore with 20 sanfews it comes down to 80 kills woooo which means you can stay a full hour without moving and you get food anyway so
  9. https://gyazo.com/e837e17cfdf9520139cf43e02ad84096 tryna get more plugins !!!!
  10. https://gyazo.com/24273ae6b87ec5869f0c84fdb09229dc https://gyazo.com/ed875ad138fe474752a3b0b8b53040e5 how to do it It's pretty easy and it doesn't take long either First you wanna build runelite in intellij and then after you finished building with no errors you wanna follow the gif https://gyazo.com/e51cd8a40a824b6f0d09fec93e50cf3e theres a file called runelite.png If you want your own logo you can just that to whatever just keep the image size the same. For the star and the switcher you want to go to you wanna change star on and swticher on change it to whatever you prefer just keep the size of the image the same there's also a colourscheme you can mess with if you like, and the transparent logo for the runelite tab also note that runelite runs on jdk 11 if you try 16 it wont work have fun
  11. https://gyazo.com/f07d90110baaee7bfd7dce0a10013fea https://gyazo.com/39e5c70cd021ba1cdf703c8fe160ae1b you want 3 account piled and standing there, the main is on the top right stand there you'll take damage from the kraken shot which are very innacurate to start the kill on one of the 3 accounts attack all the tentacles then click on the ground and afk
  12. note- ive reported this yet they have not been fixed!!!! pls fix https://gyazo.com/6932d870cbf23554c30db1fabb876cfd Instantly teleport into barrows https://gyazo.com/e981da5ac651d2664d945e4da1bd1ac3 move with the seed https://gyazo.com/287e318ddd0b1fbd23c4aafea29da444 divine with no damage https://gyazo.com/5d683568534e40ea713b40dc10f88e5c zoom out without actually zooming out enjoy !!!
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