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  1. My man staying busy, good work loving the updates, now fix dh so its accurate hahaha xd
  2. Aqeelxo

    The giveaway winners !

    Gz to those bois, wait till next one! ill get it hehe
  3. Aqeelxo

    1m + RISK FIGHTS?!

    Thanks bro! Yuhhhh Thank you Ikr loll, thanks lmfaooo forreal
  4. Aqeelxo

    1m + RISK FIGHTS?!

    thank you
  5. Aqeelxo

    1m + RISK FIGHTS?!

    YOOO what's good guys! So, ya boy just found his folder with all my risk fight screen shots and recordings. I had soo many screen shots that I made a slide show with the kills and constant bank building from the streaks I went on. Trust me, some of these fights are CRAZY lit risks. My bad btw guys, I was a bit busy with school last semester and wasn't on for the usual 5+ hours you guys are used to seeing haha. BUT! Since I stocked up a lot of my risk fights and just some pk clips/bank clips/ + more. Yeah ... I even went all in on this lol Let me know if you guys would like seeing this and me posting again like I used to. I mean I'll probably do it regardless but I love the positive feedback and even the negative critics. Look forward to that and lets just say ... we back babyyy lets get it!
  6. Aqeelxo

    600k Quiting drop party

    Dang missed the party but sad to see you go man, thanks for helping others at least. Good luck
  7. Love the gamble halt, I think it could help so many people if they choose to get that help and take that step towards stopping.
  8. Aqeelxo

    3rd Infernal Lost

    yessir, organic chem 1 and 2
  9. Aqeelxo

    3rd Infernal Lost

    Just lost my 3rd infernal cape to Allegiance, GG not too sad about the loss as ive been focusing mostly on school and stuff, won't be on as much as I used to be good to see everyone doing well still
  10. Aqeelxo

    Roat Pkz Awards 2.0

    Thanks homie
  11. Aqeelxo


    thank goodness someone posted this gem of a video ahahaha
  12. Aqeelxo

    Huge kills !

    Thanks bruh, I don't really play much now, I been on OSRS lol
  13. Aqeelxo

    Imagine being poor in 2k18

    I pked for around 40 minutes after logging on after a month and made 50k. gave it now time to rebuild again.
  14. Good update, only thing is people might try to camp the keys and use divines and ish