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Found 7 results

  1. Had some clips, put them together, mediocre
  2. 1. Top Hybrid? 2. Top Tribrid? 3. Top NH Pure? Name em’
  3. This morning, I had some nhers talkin shit, I get it, yall mad, but i'm finna call out wag1 99b. Why you trynna be me friend when i'm on Atlaanta, and then say you finna ns me when I log on S W A T S. You are fake asf my nigga. Then you say you're gonna call more people to come ns me everyday for you. You sound like a bitch nigga already if you need to call 4 people to ns me for you. Learn your place, you aren't a good nher, I've put you back beside edge bank numerous times. I aint even that good but how you gonna say you better when you can't beat me? As to all the other Nhers who talk shit, same thing applies, yall been nhing how long? I been nhin 4 months, and still lose. Yall needed this check. And to everyone sneak dissin, ty, couldn't be infamous without you if ya wanna come talk shit pm me, don't pm mods or your friends. Pussy ass niggas. SMH.
  4. Atlanta


    Hello All Your friendly neighborhood S W A T S here with a public service announcement. So after weeks go by, I guess no one really still understands the differences between pking, ragging and nsing. So below i made a list of objectives for each of the following: PKING: Focuses on killing your opponent. Ragging: Focuses on clearing your opponent and forcing them to log after a certain amount of time. NSING: Attacking your oppenent everyday till either 1 of you logs, and rematch the next day, day after that and so on, hence the term non stop. The only way a ns ends is if one pms the other for off. -Also just want to briefly clarify, when i'm in 70 def, I don't touch 1 defs, they hit me thinking they can pk ahrims. After several warnings, they dont off. So i don't wanna hear any of yall bitchin about me touching 1 defs. That's why I go on "Atlaanta". Hopefully yall understand the differences now. -Your friendly neighborhood, S W A T S
  5. MYST NATION BRIDS Not too sure if this should be a team or a clan yet, as i'm not sure there are any other active pure clans however im hoping that this thread inspires other people to start their own pure clans as well as boost multi pking on Roatpkz. If you believe you're a good pure Nh'er or pure Tank then apply. Requirement List: Strictly 1 Defence 44+ Prayer Must be able to beat me in a 1vs1 or give me a good fight Leaders Mnb Nhers/Flawlessss Nh Aox ADMINS 99b ----- MEMBERS Block Made Metapod Fancy Boots Nahhhhhhhhhh 1Llllll Nh Allday Borer 32014 Surf Girl602 Aelin Jerusalem APPLICATION FORMAT: Ingame Name: Age: Timezone: Picture of inventory for pk trip: Picture of inventory for a 1vs1: Do you have Teamspeak 3 (Are you able to download it)?: Do you have any previous clan experience as pure? (List Clans):
  6. Clicks were awful during last long clip becuz just got back to server after like a 3 - 4 month hiatus.
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