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  1. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=when+to+use+%27an%27+vs+%27a%27
  2. I dont have the exact values of the cape but compared to the water cape or even the sara/zammy/guthix cape, its stats are very lacking for the 75 vote points it costs. It could be considered a cosmetic item but since it already has stats i dont believe that was the intention. If it could be buffed to be even on par with the current bis capes then it would be worthwhile to buy but currently it feels very out of place.
  3. sign ur name below if you dont want me to send you to edge 24/7
  4. Yoobs logs in and I call him a jester as a joke and he straight up bans my account even thought i only have 2 blackmarks. I don't see what I did to deserve this. This is the kind of mods we have P.S: idk if the game xlogs you when you get banned but when i get unbanned i want Yoobs to buy me a new ags. ty
  5. main nhing > pure yawNhing
  6. yeah i wasnt trying to make a masterpiece. just had random clips that i threw together with music. ill probs eventually make better more edited videos with hybridding and/or nhing. right now hybridding (especially against blitz prods) annoys me and seems too random + i like switching fast. thanks for the suggestions and compliments nh = no honour for a reason m8 ;D if i edited all the garbage out there would be nothing left me m8 hey thanks guy
  7. Clicks were awful during last long clip becuz just got back to server after like a 3 - 4 month hiatus.
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