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Roat Pkz Username

Found 2 results

  1. Here we have a retarded admin being invovled into rwting : https://gyazo.com/f4cbe25063d74613d435db77917e80b6 https://gyazo.com/5f133e4f4d90457f8997e54bede9bed6 staff giving no fuck : https://gyazo.com/99ff4c44805c6744bb0c8d599c4f67c5 Here my topic on the Staff that Supports rwting: https://gyazo.com/e82ad407a6d1369e7df92c777dc9b92d https://gyazo.com/fd9cdc56d3e886ba9efd2b692a7202e9 https://gyazo.com/113a838daf8300f8bf48a8658b405e5d Exposed If you DELTE THIS I WILL JUST REPOST THIS 24/7 @Mike @Smackd @Killbob @ism0kepurp @Yoobs da king @Ungrateful @Skorm @Gretar AND THIS IS YOUR STAFF ARE YOU FKING BLIND
  2. so kiddos your guy who ragged everyone and made @Gretar add blacklist thank me guys! is quitting was a nice run with ya'll but yea everything Comes to an end and i did what i wanted to do i made every ragger quit lol a shame that 1more year i did not find a good enemy . well anyways i won't miss much of you guys since i have most of my m8s on disc *Lol* but yea i'd do shoutouts now. @Smackd defintly best admin Keep dat nigga but @Gretar stop Keep People thinking that your admins cant check alt accounts please.. i was myself admin and i know the power's good enough .-. lol @Elizathepat (2) nigga you weird sometimes but ya cool LOL nothing more to say nigga.. shit was funny @Hatcx nigga good brid sesh Partner and ya chill :c nigga @Tupac yea nigga what to say to ya? ya a fking fourm nerd init.. LOL defintly .-. @Forecaster Yus like a fucker like ginger beard youok. @Po youok nigga Keep doing vids no stop kk? @no shes mine beste dher youok i'll take the title one day from ya @Yoeriwada ya man spongebob is best.. pvm mode on next time @.@ @bass nigga it time me go but youknow you got my back bruh probs the day we did meet @Deception X yea man you're sometimes fking weird lol nothing more to say.. @WAHEY nice Profile pic btw. :D:D:D @King Falador you don't Play anymore but man i wish ya de best remember ya from easts if we meet once we'll ns thats forsure my man. best of all from me. @Tesfxye you a weirdo lol but i think you okay. @Rock1 you don't Play anymore nigga didnt hear anything from ya since year's but hope ya okay didnt know at all who you are but we became friends so or so LOL @Blackasfuck yea nigga dunno if you read this but goodluck in ya life @toxicality ya man.. don't know if you lie everytime but you still a mysterious for me.. and im a mysterious man either so yea.. we know eachother since 5year's and barely know eachother.. you dissapear everytime so yea goodluck Buddy i guess. Happy new year to everyone hope ya'll get atleast 25% of your shit done you want to do this year 1 Thing from my list already done : deinstall all rsps if anyone else did this say "I" LOL but i know nobody can say.
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