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  1. Doesn't matter who who is? Lol stop acting like you are known in the world?... Get your Wood outa your ass you're a nobody in game as irl. And to your "excuse" then you said You merk something? Digging your own grave. At first you bring "voice" On the board then when @Yoobs da king Brings it up you say "U are saying things that are not rlevant to this convo" Keep digging your own grave :l You're probs a bellend irl as in games if people hit you with personal information you will Say "This is not relevant for our conversation so wym".
  2. You simply got manhandeled tbh.. You're nothing more then a guy playing a game and bragging over your bank/kdr/ks W.e you do but you're a useless whale :l Nothing more then a Cloud IN the air
  3. Bump. This Is a Needed Thing not your dumb "Expose" topics nobody cares about
  4. Jealous i made 600k with staking and i play 1h per day ?.
  5. Are the Forums your life?... You post more then the owner himsself lmao................
  6. Gretar.. Please listen to your players for ONCE I am not the only one getting hard lags (LATLEY) - means 2months ?.. please for everyones sake upgrade the server.. IT already crashed once for 10mins at 560players.. the server is just having lag at 400players.. i don't remember the server being like this way back?...
  7. Who the hell does a time-span of 2weeks for a 100k giveaway on a 400player based game?...........
  8. my origins are rs07 then came mc
  9. You talk and talk all your Computer skill is is fking rsps? :////////////////////////////////////////777777777777 LLOL and dont come me with LoL your ass would get smoked in Csgo / Smite / paladins / Pubg etc.
  10. @Gym Life they won't unban you since the staff are more corrupted then in Spk. They even Accused me of using AHK while i don't even know how to use it. The server wants everyone who says the truth just banned.. Feels like politic all the way...
  11. 1. Hiding? More like my Main forum account is forever muted thanks to jbshit "you COULD of just googled" you think i have the time to litarlly google your skins? IF YOU CAN SELL THEM THEN SELL THEM go lick balls or some shit LOL
  12. Lol when a ragger gets his first kill and its not even max LMAO
  13. - Nobody buys them still? If they Sell so easy (btw you siting in the skins since 2years?) Why you don't sell them then you don't even play the game , if you were "Srsly" into blackmarket (aka salemarket for skins on csgo) You wouldn't be sitting on a Rsps forum crying cause people get staff befor you Now go blow gretar one and get not staff again ;/ You're more then 5 faced bud.. get a grid
  14. Shit currency? Sorry what? the dollar will always be the highest Rate on The Money-notes?.. Wouldn't wonder me if Dollar will become the world currency.
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