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  1. I need to learn english for you? I hope you atleast got a C on your english tests everytime? Its just great how you now whoop away from my reply. have fun replying to yourself im not here to entertain you lol. shows who's hated and whos not hated irl huh? your niveu is very much under mine.
  2. First of all im not even playing , secound of all "nobody values your comments" - thats why i was banned from the forums? cause im saying how the fuck the servers state is? LOL the gibberish you say is in every comment i read from you the same shit everytime Like? did you ever read a book to know more words?
  3. Why do you retards always use new accounts you guys are more of a pussy then a cat..
  4. im spreading the truth but ok retard? And the clans you named are nowhere active if they were active there would be alot more kill-topics none to be seen more vids would be out? none to be seen More people at hills / graves / 44s nowhere to be seen? And the update is utter terrible.
  5. Lol for which clan did you do the clan thing now? all clans quit. If you learn to FUCKING listen to your community the clans wouldn't even quit.
  6. Not really you'll know it once you were a admin on a rsps which i was. The owners are THERE to have an interview / keep on track with what the staff are doing and here we have one that supports rwting dunno how "khalil" keeps ending cleaned outside of his stream if he rwts the staff will deck him wonder why? hes streaming for people ONCE YOU HAVE BRAIN reply thanks.
  7. Here we have a retarded admin being invovled into rwting : https://gyazo.com/f4cbe25063d74613d435db77917e80b6 https://gyazo.com/5f133e4f4d90457f8997e54bede9bed6 staff giving no fuck : https://gyazo.com/99ff4c44805c6744bb0c8d599c4f67c5 Here my topic on the Staff that Supports rwting: https://gyazo.com/e82ad407a6d1369e7df92c777dc9b92d https://gyazo.com/fd9cdc56d3e886ba9efd2b692a7202e9 https://gyazo.com/113a838daf8300f8bf48a8658b405e5d Exposed If you DELTE THIS I WILL JUST REPOST THIS 24/7 @Mike @Smackd @Killbob @ism0kepurp @Yoobs da king @Ungrateful @Skorm @Gretar AND THIS IS YOUR STAFF ARE YOU FKING BLIND
  8. Lol this is your only way to get players... the server is dead as hell 24/7 same fights at brid/hills. boring asfuck.
  9. Cool give no fuck you retard waiting for your report LOL
  10. Good one retard go on ban me then? WAITING
  11. give me someone on this rsps and it will be a longer sesh ? I'm forever rent free in your head THANKS
  12. I already did a suggestion on a legendary zone with all features it should have but the ROATZ COMMUNITY HAS A FKING HAND IN THEIR ASS AND DIDNT ACCEPT IT.
  13. Cry over 1 wrong answer but letting flame passing at staff? nice logic LOL you their hoe or? how much you gettin paid per hour?
  14. Nobody agrees with me? Look at the alien gear ? EVERYONE BESIDES THE IDIOTS LIKE YOU DONT AGREE and "arab mates" i only hook 5 people one of them is skorm so nice try there honey. - my application got denied only cause jblind is handling the shit gretar would take me with a kiss on my hand.
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