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  1. zeplin99

    people still play this? lol

  2. zeplin99


  3. zeplin99

    Admin Flames Me For No Reason

    this is you in the supermarket
  4. zeplin99

    cleaning the wildy

    i am focused on thai-boxen now irl but People who cant read may Need 500glasses..
  5. zeplin99

    Spartans & Ratlords 14 brew bot dropped @ East

    and you post a cringe vid of Skeleton niggers that cant even fight. so dont talk about gang life or anything lmfao fking silent rat.
  6. zeplin99

    Admin Flames Me For No Reason

    1. the only Server that has been shut down by jagex is SPAWNSCAPE614 , that cause they have had 2many Players pking (MORE THEN RS AT THE MOMENT it was in 2012-14) , inform yourself of something berfor talking. 2.they dont do anything if the staff flames ever saw the runescape staff? they dont answer for anything you Need to wait 2months or more for an answer. 3.they're "nerds" but you're crying here cause you got flamed by a staff in the Internet oh god bruh.. how old are you lol? 12? 9? you must be mental so atkable that you cry over jokes even irl. oh and 1 more Thing this Server isn't in contact with jagex in any ways so i wish you much luck to shut the Server down hope you get atleast a good laugh from mod sam or others
  7. zeplin99

    cleaning the wildy

    and yet you cant keepup with anyone on osrs just keep silent rsps whale rofl
  8. zeplin99

    Hatcx slapped for max ez

    47 on prayer nigga thats lucky nothing else lmfao
  9. zeplin99


    i won't argue with a 2018 joiner over alts lo...
  10. zeplin99

    Staff Feedback - August 2018

    lol <:Y
  11. zeplin99


    you laughing over your own jokes where nobody else laughs .. you must be lonely asfk irl
  12. zeplin99


    you are more braindead then a class 1 guy zezima is gretar lmfao.. legit if you know nothing over the owner don't speak over him.
  13. zeplin99


    by all seriousness @ tesfexye you cant take These rsps ddosers at all real lol they can hit you off for 3sec thats all
  14. zeplin99


    the time when yoz do not realse zezima is gretar's alt lol...