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  1. zeplin99

    Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy <3

    gay fuck lmfao nigga posting dick pics LMFAO cant see your own?
  2. zeplin99

    refunt destroyed

    i don't really fking care which word it is if im honest lmfa0 you guys are rsps flexing in fking 2019
  3. zeplin99

    refunt destroyed

    rsps flexing in 2019? lol you dont reach anything with YouTube dumb rsps youtubers thinking they'll make carreir LOL
  4. zeplin99

    ::Brid/Edgepvp Changes

    +1 for everything on the whole list only time i saw People using divine / ely is when People were ragging @edgepvp lol don't know why divine is ingame in first place , it should of have been removed Ages ago , but to the list again yea pvp armour is pretty much what whales use to get kills and Vesta is way 2 Op even with only ags as spec you'll get 95% Chance of high hit since of its str Bonus and gmaul yea not gonna talk about that only whales use ags gmaul for kills lol brid sadly died 2014 with that Combo.
  5. zeplin99

    A team is a rag doll l0l

    lul thats what all hiders say thats why im uuid banned at YouTube says everything cause i atk all kboarders like you Keep hiding man that wont help you since everyone got doxed already and someone over you knows who you are already.
  6. zeplin99

    A team is a rag doll l0l

    17 still you making me younger everytime huh. well Keep tryna seek my attetion been waiting for your face reveal since 5months now lol ;( you guys not on my Level lol you will be always under my foot no matter if im in jail/hosptial even when im not anymore avaible to walk you be under me
  7. zeplin99

    Illey Exposed?!?

    actually you can be with 15 in Collage lol if you skip from class 3 to gynasium but thats very random i had 2 Girls that did that they were nice good look untill they left sad Moment. - so yes its possible to be with 15 on Collage lol don't know what you guys gonna say but idgaf tbh.
  8. insane ... do the same on osrs you be rich in no time
  9. zeplin99

    A team is a rag doll l0l

    spastics without a life legit.. you guys Need to hit up a Club irl.. like how much hours do you spend on games?
  10. zeplin99

    Sad life ;( why gretar y

    i have a very simple answer : GET A LIFE
  11. zeplin99

    Deathmatch Area

    actually good what you say. that you Need the items for the match yourself ( but would you lose them after you die) just Sayin.
  12. zeplin99

    duel penino dead

    i am unstable? , got no mic right now for you but send into roatz disc a voice-meme of yourself would love to hear your voice dumb fapping rsps whale. oh and just by the way i am a spastic that is loved irl :C feelsbad huh i rather die with 20 as a spastic nd loved then unloved and being 80 just Sayin.
  13. zeplin99

    Deathmatch Area

    pretty nice idea but i think gretar is busy right now.
  14. zeplin99

    duel penino dead

    nobody fucking really cares who KILLS WHO ITS 2019 RSPS IS IRRELEVANT FKING GET A LIFE
  15. nice work . you just Keep pushing Content out