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  1. zeplin99

    Pk Vid 1

    nigga is taking a fake bloods member as Profile pic god bless you rofl
  2. zeplin99

    Goal for the new year

    ? can you not speak Alien you Retard you are spamming the fourms with useless shit king gym v2 step off the fourms and get fresh air clown
  3. zeplin99

    "Dual Penino" ...

    neither of you are good all bolters rofl
  4. Clans dont Need a 100hours reqs shit fking type in rules sigh up we aint in a Roman fourm
  5. zeplin99

    ultimate expose

    either stop quoting and piss off my Topic or appear in w301 spastic
  6. zeplin99

    ultimate expose

    stop avoding w301 is a f2p world fking Retard stop baiting my Hand i feed you spastic now appear you fucking dog
  7. zeplin99

    ultimate expose

    stop speaking out w301 clanwars.
  8. zeplin99

    ultimate expose

    Level 18 here highest skill is cooking
  9. zeplin99

    ultimate expose

    waiting w301.
  10. zeplin99

    ultimate expose

    can you stop speaking i go Login right now w301 wait for you clanwars sigh stop speaking........... for you either w301 thanks clanwars.
  11. zeplin99

    Goal for the new year

    im not talking about what i do in next year since im already atking the shit i want to do. Retard im not a bigmouthed whale im a guy who can back his shit now stop fking quoting me you spastic
  12. zeplin99

    Goal for the new year

    half of People who post their new year things dont do shit.
  13. zeplin99

    ultimate expose

    w301 , or here your choice lol dont avoid it if you have a big mouth thank you.
  14. zeplin99

    ultimate expose

    you reply x2 to the same comment so you're clearly still triggerd
  15. zeplin99

    ultimate expose

    where you guys begged me to stop? awe you hurted still aint you Buddy? LOL