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  1. omg kills on a game you be playing when you 25!!!!!!!! omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  2. i made every good player either quit or blacklist me so hmu lol btw why do you try to be me with your avv "5lave loc" i heard i was your hero lfmao??????????????????? are you so mad into me that you fanboy me ? lmfao.. if you were my fan i'd hangmyself ril
  3. fourms im looking at cause you spastics keep qouting me.
  4. : to topic again : -full lose of whip (after deaths if skulled) - and full lose of whip if it loses 1k hits to sanfew - make it 3 pkp each equal to anti venom (p+++) it only heals you once from the anti venom and if you are venomed you need to drink 2 sips means you have only 2/4 left then so make it 3pkp not 5 like anti venom p+++ thought's @paramingo
  5. @Yoobs da king i be honest with you you talking ingame more shit than @JBLIND but the diffrence between you and him is and i cant belive i need to take a retard like jbshit as compare is that he can back his talking unlike you can't do it at all you are a suicide multi bot since 5year's or more.
  6. like he said? lol do you have 2 heads irl or why do you say "Like he said" you getting dizzy? LOL i gladly fight raja in 1-3months whenever i feel like playing roatz again hmu you can setup already 45/pure/max no prob 1-3months i quote you then again honey ps: stop avoiding my w301 clanwars come with all the person's you mentioed befor? thanks now stop talking shit waiting for your choose i be on roatz in 1-3months whenver i feel like playing again youknow honey you need me more then i need you since you all quote me cause i cleared you all feelsbad.. but its so accept it
  7. i mean on osrs you lose the full whip aswell if you die so no. it should stay as it is.
  8. ? you still trying to flame me? i've been waiting at w301 for your ass / your "zeplins" and "sn3" and whoever else to appear .-. you legit talking more then @raja kredre LOL btw quote me back whenever you ready to go w301 i be looking at fourms everyday just for your quote since you need me
  9. i agree with sanfew serum they / they should cost but still should cure venom make them 3pkp each equal to anti venom (since they only cure it once not for 5mins like anti venom (+++) but with whip i don't really know.. should stay as it is 1k hits and it goes away.
  10. if you really into gfx designing you should take 50 befor and 50 after not do somehing for free..
  11. ok nh or brid you pick 45def/pure/main your choice aswell. qoute me again once you choose. not flaming im saying what i know dumbfuck
  12. your clan member "no log" died to one of the worst nhers ingame "i dont now" aka raja lmao so yes it is true
  13. zeplin99


    selling fresh air you want some retard? secound... here ! like you kidding you asking for hns without prices LOLOLOL @JBLIND look at this idiot asking for hsn without prices cause he cant catch air?
  14. it says 14k the fuck you crying about spastic ? legit more of a retard then a fking murder irl thought thats impossible
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