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Yoobs da king

"Dragon Spear Bug"

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Apparently retards are salty they lose shit to this and accuse it of being a bug so I am going to explain to all the 5 yr olds upset they have to steal another $25 from mommy to get their max set back.


RuneScape: Every action in RuneScape has Low and High priority actions, high priority actions always come before low priority actions.. 


Now here is why people think its a "bug" BECAUSE YOU ARE FUCKING STUCK AND CANT MOVE SMH...


Lets look at Barrage/Blitz/Entangle etc... What do they do? Well they freeze you from moving and deal X amount of damage. 

Now Dragon Spear: They knock you 1 square in a certain direction but the main point of the dragon spear is NOT to prevent you from moving but to prevent said user from no longer being able to eat food/drink potions.

However Jagex needed a method to display to the user being hit with a Dragon Spear special attack that their rights to eat/drink potions are temporarily suspended. How did they do it? With an animation appearing over said users head + the knock back that prevents you from moving, the KNOCK BACK once it ended and you could move again was esentially to signify you could eat, drink and switch prayers again.


Jagex did not intend for it to be used to for example push players into multi or in this case allowing users to refreeze opponents without letting them gain any ground towards the safe zone. Both of these methods are possible on OSRS and RS3.


Now if someone is frozen by a barrage or blitz or even entangle; you barrage or blitz or entangle them while they are frozen does it add more time to their freeze timer? Does it reset their freeze timer and replace it with a new one? FUCK NO the freeze timer runs out from the first freeze you got hit by then allowing you to get frozen again by a barrage, blitz entangle so forth...


DRAGON SPEAR: Is NOT intended as a "FREEZE" weapon but a weapon to disabled rights to eat, switch prayers, drink potions etc. It just so happens that the spears effects of disabling those rights temporarily were shown through a "knock back" to display that you were infact under the effects of the Dragon Spear itself.. 


So with the Spear not being a freeze intended object its not counted as being a freeze for a player so when you are barraged the freeze timer will eventually run out but users use the DRAGON SPEAR's knock back effect to prevent you from moving so when the barrage timer or w.e runs out your able to be refrozen by a barrage while under the knock back of said Dragon Spear... 

Jagex stated when players bitched about being speared into multi that its not a bug just "clever use of game mechanics" by the players and they also addressed the fact of being able to be frozen by a barrage, blitz, entangle and so on while you are speared. "May not have been the intended use of the Dragon Spear its just clever use of game mechanics by players." 


So get your head out of your ass, you lost a fucking max set grow up retards and stop bitching begging gretar for refunds and for players to be banned. Its not a fucking bug retards.

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its not bug abuse if gretar added the ability to walk into safe zone to regen ur soecial attack thats how gretar made it. If something was intended to be in the game its not a fuckingbug you just said " osrs you go t yur house to regen spec but rkz you walk int safe and regen spec" 


Good job retard you just proved your a dumbass.

An example of a bug would be - players finding a way to regen spec with a command or some shit while still in the wlderness now that would be a bug.

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Cringe because theres currently 4 methods in game to snap urself out of this allowing you to escape with ease, maybe instead of piss ibtch and moaning on forums/discord you would spend some time to figure out how to get out of it. But nah psalms wana act autistic and cry over dumb shit.

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