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  1. Pls make 1 zone with pid lmfao then all these monkeys who hide on roat pkz and call u to 07 and don’t show up cant hide anymore
  2. @Gretar do this shit lmao
  3. fam do this at like top north west corner of the map near gorillas and agility arena for singles, make it so every time u get a kill u get immunity for 1 minute and that u have to risk 5k, you can't get tbed in the zone but u can get tbed out of it, so either u deathmatch someone or u can get tbed if u leave without getting the immunity, put a 12 brew cap on it and dont allow ely or divines to be used
  4. its literally impossible to die currently even though the pj timer for spec trading is broken aswell, if u have 16 brews and divine u will never die even if u just pray melee (have got 20 clips of 5 min focuses of sucky noobs doing this), either add a brew cap or remove this effect from PvP in 5+ wild because its literally only good for braindead monkeys
  5. if u wanna pay the devs to code the rest of the world in sure, the doors dont even work in ardy n shit atm so i wouldnt get ur hopes up
  6. big bum bum is black and his mum licks my toes
  7. there is already a feature that you cant skip your target if you are low on food this suggestion makes no sense
  8. good suggestion it allows you to pk more solo in wildy than with a tb slave
  9. its part of the game stop being a weirdo
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