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YouTuber Rank Details & Application Format!


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As the YouTube scene is growing, a lot of players have had a lot of questions about the YouTuber rank and its benefits, I'll list them all below and explain how you can obtain it.

170167459_MODICONS8.png.423c520b877448fd9520d1c5045d0c53.png Rank Requirements (2 ways to receive rank):

Option #1 - You have a new or a small Youtube channel which you are just starting out

  • You must have updated at least 3 Roat Pkz related videos/streams in the past 2 months.
  • Every Roat Pkz video in the past 2 months must have at least 15 likes.
  • Every Roat Pkz video in the past 2 months must have at least 200 views.

Option #2 - You have an established Youtube channel (average around 250+ views per video, and aim to upload 2+ videos per month).

  • You have a rather popular YouTube channel with OSRS/RSPS related Youtube videos.
  • You have uploaded at least 1 Roat Pkz video in the last month.
  • This will be reviewed on a case to case basis, no specific sub count or view count is needed for this option.

170167459_MODICONS8.png.423c520b877448fd9520d1c5045d0c53.png Roat Pkz Video Requirements (no payment if not followed):

  • The video must be public on YouTube not unlisted.
  • The video must include a link to https://roatpkz.com/
  • The video must be in 720p or the highest resolution possible.
  • Video must be in good quality content-wise (no bandicam banners and other water marks)

In order to keep your Youtube Rank you would be required to upload at least 1 Roat Pkz Video every 4 weeks!

170167459_MODICONS8.png.423c520b877448fd9520d1c5045d0c53.png  YouTuber Rank Benefits

  • Access to the ::YouTube one in-game. With your rank, you can send items directly to other players' banks by using an item on the bank at the zone. This can help when hosting Live Stream giveaways!
  • Permission to use the YouTube Giveaway system to promote your videos and host guaranteed payout giveaways. You can read more about the system here. Alternatively, you can view it at ::giveaway.
  • Automatically get paid for every video, we currently have a program running that goes over your YouTube videos and gives you an automatic payment 1 week after upload, the payment amount depends on the number of views, comments & likes the video received.
  • A personalized command that re-directs to your latest YouTube video (::my-yt). (This is only available to individuals that reach 300+ views, 30+ likes, and 30+ comments on 3 Roat Pkz videos or have an established channel)


🤔  Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How do I get paid for being a Youtuber?
You are automatically paid Pk Points for the videos which you upload onto your Youtube channel. You get paid 1 week after the video has been uploaded, the funds will be added straight to your Roat Pkz bank. The payment ranges from 1,000 -> 30,000 Pk Points.

Why did I lose my rank, and how can I get this back again?
You either privated/unlisted your latest Roat Pkz video or have not uploaded a Roat Pkz video within the past 28 days. You can get your rank back automatically within 24 hours by uploading a new Roat Pkz video (the server goes over videos at 19:15 server time), if for whatever reason this does not work feel free to apply again by clicking here

How can I receive a YouTuber Infernal Cape or a Custom Command? 
To receive both the image.png.0ee13932ed65864597086f4e2dae4ec9.png YouTuber Infernal cape or a custom command (::my-yt). You must have at least 3 Roat Pkz videos on your channel that have 300+ views, 30+ likes and 30+ comments each. Feel free to contact image.png.16b478d50a17120bf3bf39801a0c5f24.png Valence#0600. to receive the cape.

Can I get paid real money or OSRS GP for making videos? 
We are always on the lookout for content creators who provide good quality videos/streams, and are consistent. If we like what you produce, we will reach out to you to see how we can collaborate together. If we haven't reached out to you yet and you feel as if you deserve compensation in OSRS GP, feel free to contact image.png.16b478d50a17120bf3bf39801a0c5f24.png  Valence#0600.

💻 Application Format:


Roat Pkz Username:
Rank you're applying for (YouTube or Twitch): 
Youtube/Twitch Channel (URL):
Why should we pick you?: 

CLICK HERE to submit your 170167459_MODICONS8.png.423c520b877448fd9520d1c5045d0c53.png YouTube application!

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