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joirk 2 language guide (joirkabic)


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To assist the Roatpkz community in the event you receive PMs from Joirk ingame:

yasts: bro/hey bro

::max/::youtube/::zamp/other tele command: I need item lends for master clue scroll; I want to tell you how I just got cleaned then ask for a hook

cry: I am sad because I lost my bank again at fp; I died for my/your gear; I am sad because you/others won't hook me

gll: good luck/gl; I'm going to do something; ex. "im gll fp" = I'm going tp fp; I'm good lucking fp

gll fp rm: I went to fp again / I'm going to fp again

hhh: lol

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: lmao

ksomk gretar/don omk gretar: I lost my bank again at fp; I died because of rng

love: Thank you for hooking me; It's okay that you didn't hook me this time, I'll try again soon

all bust: I busted all my plants and lost every fp because of it (often seen alongside ksomk gretar/don omk gretar)

cape max: max cape

clue master: master clue scroll

discord live: I am streaming my client in 240p 10fps in discord, come watch me bro, there will be Arabic dance music

youtube vide: youtube video; I've uploaded a new video 

jaill: I got jailed for rwt/kill farming again

gll rock: I got jailed for rwt/kill farming again and have a shit ton of rocks to mine (usually happens multiple times in a week; i.e. he will finish his rocks then repeat the same offense the next day and get jailed again)

stop xnxx: stop watching xnxx, its haram (usually followed by joirk sharing a link to his favorite xnxx vid)

7bebe: habibi/brother

shrmota: ur mom is whore

ana: i am

ante: you are 

king: you're a king (plz hook me soon)

hat ags/hat 50k/etc: give ags/give 50k/etc.

Thanks for checking out my guide. 

coolrune80 is the best nher ingame!

If you can add anything I may have forgotten, let me know!

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3 minutes ago, Semmy said:

Dogs = im mad cus you wont help me

Dogs all = im mad cus nobody will help me

Yarb = goodluck


Great additions.

Some more:

dogs money: you are a poor/broke dog; I really dislike you

sit dogs: you either potblocked yourself or I got crazy rng in LMS and you died

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