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  1. Player Moderator(s) A pixel: OF GREAT HELP AND AVAILABLE WHEN YOU ARE ONLINE Fruitiest: very good mod of great help and a great friend 100% Goat: I never spoke to him so I can't comment on it Baz - good mod although sometimes slow to respond Valence - Very helpful even if he doesn't answer messages Server Support(s) 2 Wapens - I have no idea it's never online No name set - Mod for this brooo very helpful 100% Chui - I have nothing to say about him King Arthur: He's never online. Boney: He only likes to Flame and that doesn't look good on the staff. Niddy: toxic 100% and responds badly when in doubt Skeleton - 100% help both in game and discord very attentive Fun Time - New to the staff not much to say about him. Ex0tic - Very good work and 100% attentive.
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