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[Mandatory] Report Format

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When reporting a player on RoatPkz, please post using the following format:

Name of the Rule Breaker:
Rule Broken:
In-game or Forums:
Private Report (Y/N):

Here's an example of a correct report:

- Name of the Rule Breaker: Robes
- Rule Broken: Advertising
In-game or Forums: In-game
- Date: January 5th, 2014
- Screenshot/Video: (Provide a screenshot/video)
- Private: Yes (If your report is private no one apart from staff members can see it)

Screenshots MUST include the full chat box. If you do not follow this format, your report may be declined. In addition, please review the rules about posting reports.

Private means your report will only be view-able by staff even after it has been accepted or declined.

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