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  1. gore6800

    Avoiderman smackd at it again

    i was nhing u and I chanced you 2ce in one fight but keep telling fairy tales ecks dee
  2. Imagine being an rsps administrator and telling some1 this Gets clrd from hills and cant handle flame so he goes to the next avoiding option ::jail then changes my pw for 2mins so i cant log eventually.. el oh el edit: also got so mad that he banned me from roatz discord, L owe ell
  3. gore6800

    Well needed updates..

    I think looting bag would be dope. Useful for revs/rev pking also
  4. Make the osrs gp tournaments starting time be more friendly towards the specific time zones by making it take turns changing to the different time zones every week. For example, one week it would have a more friendly starting time for PST, and the next week it would have a more friendly time for Israel, etc. In my opinion, the ideal time for a tournament maybe would be around 6 pm, when everyone is off of work/school. I feel that this would make it more fair in terms of people being able to simply participate, because for me the osrs gp tournaments are at 11:45 AM (my time zone is PST), and during that time I'm either always at work/class. Although, I understand that some people may have the perfect time so they may be against this idea.
  5. gore6800

    Hatcx & PIRUS Contest Entry Video

    Lmfao I've never seen a switching style like 1:10
  6. gore6800

    contest entry!!1

    Top tier
  7. How do you capture screenshots in quick moments like this?
  8. gore6800

    cleared again.

    i'm not clicking all those links too much work