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  1. Smackd


    edited ur comment typical pussy LMFAOO
  2. Smackd


    if there’s anyone’s messages I don’t read it’s definitely yours LMFAOO you’ve been irrelevant didn’t read, don’t delete another comment freak lol
  3. Smackd


    didn’t read nut riders imagine knowing I never read anything and still replying to me on a forum of a game you don’t play LMFAOO truth hurts when I say you two are anti social nerds it hits deep
  4. Smackd


    didn’t read however, I won’t be mean to you since I know you’d probably slice ur wrists up again and I don’t wanna be the reason you die so have a nice day
  5. Smackd


    didn’t read clown don’t delete ur response later btw I know you tend to @ me then delete it lol pussy
  6. this was ur reaction when u hit 46 fishing I remember
  7. Hope you made 10m from these 500 kills
  8. You’re Mac banned and when you do play you’re with gl bro wins staking irrelevant thread
  9. Smackd


    @Its Gorillas @repent same to these skinny anti social geeks I’ll be in Orlando August hmu
  10. My server support wb
  11. @Its Gorillas I realize you delete every comment you @ or quote me in. Speak don’t be afraid lol
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