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  1. was funny in 2015 hatcx ? Aren't you a supporter of gay rights dumb ass homo
  2. Smackd


    give it to this pussy @Blood Hound so he can lose his imbued seers ring to me lmfao
  3. Smackd


    ur a moron but good video and 10x better than those other pasty downies on this forum
  4. Smackd

    Wizard 3-0 Spartans

    @Blood Hound is this seriously what happens to you without chris -.-.-
  5. Smackd

    Pking 9

    Lmfao @ the retard in the first clip ended up his like mother
  6. Smackd

    best pker

    Dw allow it hes indian
  7. Smackd

    hi smackd here

    back 2 roat gl lmfao
  8. Smackd

    first day back

    gotta be real he has been since 2k15-2k16 anyways lol anyone who disagrees has been bullied by him on an alt
  9. Smackd

    first day back

    best hybrid on here tbh
  10. Smackd

    Staff Feedback - August 2018

    Was away for almost the entire month but that's not being mentioned but ok
  11. Smackd

    The mighty Ban152 is retiring :)

    take care
  12. Go fuck yourself 

  13. I don’t want 200k tho
  14. Smackd

    staff where you at??

    99 mage, you can for sure find me in old videos too. Owner was Jet Kai