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  1. Ironic, complaining about racism, then being racist. Brain dead response from a vegetable.
  2. Roat Pkz Clan Cup #27 The TWENTY-SEVENTH Roat Pkz Clan Cup will be 7v7 Multi Fights. That means 7 members per clan and you're never fighting more than 1 clan at a time (hence 7v7). The Clan Cup will have a bracket based system (example of bracket system) and each round will have up to 3 fights, first clan to win 2 battles goes through the next round. After every round clan members can re-stock and prepare for the next fight. The Clan Cup will also be live streamed on YouTube with hosts that are knowledgeable with tribridding & clan fights and will be commentating over the fights. This cup is very unique, usually every team would need 2000 clan points to enter but for this clan cup YOU WILL ONLY NEED 100 CLAN POINTS TO ENTER! Rewards 1. 1000M OSRS 2. 500M OSRS 3. 350M OSRS 4. 150M OSRS Tournament Date Monday 26. December - 19:00 Server Time | Full Tournament (Server Time is GMT) Tournament Location Every clan will be teleported into their own Wilderness instance, each clan will start where the red dots are and the fog will slowly force players in the middle where the green dot is. No NPC's will be available. The Rules 1. You must follow the Roat Pkz Official Rules (No DDOSing). 2. There can only be one entry per person (computer). ITEMS THAT ARE ALLOWED SOL/SOTD/Staff of Balance/TSOTD uncharged Black chins Dragon defender, and defender trimmed Ghrazi rapier, blade of saeldor, inquisitor mace Elder Maul Blood fury and regular fury Amulet of fury (or) Zamorakian Hasta 3rd age mage hat DFS Ancient Wyvern Twisted Buckler Kodai Wand All zenyte jewlery Arcane spirit shield Odium ward Pegasians, Primordials, Eternals, Guardian boots ACB Dragon crossbow Occult Allow torags, veracs, guthans helmet. Brimstone ring Spectral Imbued heart D Claws AGS Karambwans Neitiznot Faceguard Soul Runes ITEMS NOT ALLOWED Elysian Torva Masori Justiciar Ancestral Divine rune pouch Toxic staff charged All Serp helms (no venom in the cup) Elidinis ward Ancient godsword Osmutens fang Volatile Harmonised Zaryte Bow Lightbearer Vesta, Statius, Morrigans (armor and weapons) Bowfa Heavy and Light Ballista Avernic Defender Infernal Cape Zaryte Vambraces Brew Cap: Max 10 Saradomin Brews FAQ How do I enter the tournament? You can sign your clan up at ::clancup in-game. Will items be supplied like Tournaments? No, we will not supply items for this tournament , you will have to use your own items to participate. Will I lose items in the tournament? No, you will not lose any items you bring to the tournament, they will all be kept on death. Will Rigour & Augury Prayers be disabled? RIGOUR AND AUGURY PRAYERS WILL BE ENABLED FOR EVERYONE! How will you make sure that people don't cheat? Since the tournament will be automatic the server will make sure that the rounds can not start unless everyone is following all item cap rules. I am moving a clan over from a new server/osrs, how do I start on Roat? Every clan is welcome to Roat Pkz and we would be happy to help you out, please message valence#0600 on Discord and he will help get you started & give you tips & answers to all of your questions. Can staff members see my IP? No, Roat Pkz Staff members (Admins & Mods) can not see your IP addresses or mac. Any other questions or suggestions? Please post any other questions or suggestions you have below.
  3. Judging is all subjective, your top 3 is going to look different from everyone elses. Some prefer the skill, some favor editing, same favor the loot. Again it's opinion based lol. It's hard to keep track of all, but majority of tr1ppers clips were 3-4 months old, if not 50%. So were a couple others who missed out on the top 3 because of it, yes it's hard to keep track of how old every single clip is but that is what pushed tr1pp3r out of the top 3. I don't disagree overall tr1pp3r had a stellar video, but I disagree with Khaled's video being dead, when tbf he was by far the best pker in all submissions.
  4. Roat Pkz Video Competition! It's about that time again, another great video competition! Rules: Video Must be made specifically for this content! (No old videos). Video must be at least 3 minutes long, and not more than 7 minutes. Video must be uploaded to YouTube (public) & link to https://roatpkz.com/ in description. Video must be PvP related - Hybrid - Deep Wild - Edge Pking - etc. No fake clips! Video will be judged based on quality of clips + edit. Rewards: 1. $200 in Donation Credits or 200M OSRS. 2. $125 in Donation Credits or 150M OSRS. 3. $100 in Donation Credits or 100M OSRS. 4. $50 in Donation Credits or 75M OSRS. 5. $25 in Donation Credits or 50M OSRS. Submissions: All Videos must be submitted before Friday, November 18th, 2022. Submissions must be sent to [email protected] (subject: Roat Pkz Video Competition, body: ign + youtube url). Winners will be announced the week following! Best of luck to all!
  5. You are brilliant young king.
  6. Feel really good about these promotions, I think most of them if not all can be very beneficial to our team .
  7. Smackd


    love u jordy all my homies hate gretar and roatpkz
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