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  1. Smackd


    love u jordy all my homies hate gretar and roatpkz
  2. Theres 2 spawns, one in single, and one in multi. Solo players can attempt her in single, anyone can attack nex in single too, works like Singles+ on RS, you can PJ a pvmer at anytime. but everyone can attack, so whether you're in a clan or not, Nex is for everyone.
  3. You play a PVP server btw, incase you forgot everything should be wilderness based lmao. Doesn't take much to understand why.
  4. Devs, nothing else. 1 guy alone can't keep up with everything the game is missing.
  5. Bunch of things that didn't happen. Many of these ideas have been suggested plenty of times before. You're a compulsive liar who likes to take credit for things you never really developed, more or so just suggested like the thousands of suggestion threads on this forum. Salty child obsessed with something he quit.
  6. Your own idea killed your clan, wipe your tears you reek of idiocy.
  7. That’s probably true there isn’t too many pkers who will even last long, but whoever does end up playing may enjoy it, it won’t hurt to have in game.
  8. That’s subjective. someone makes an Ironman, an Ironman getting an abyssal whip drop is an achievement for an Ironman, a pker sees a 600 kill streak as their own achievement. Sometimes you play things for fun not everything needs a reason to be played if it’s enjoyable, also based on what the mode presents its very high risk which might be a thrill to really good pkers.
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