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  1. NOTE: The start date has been pushed forward to April 16 instead! To give people more time to strategize their routes and have more players be aware of the contest.
  2. Road to Max Competition! hosted and funded by @Smoothie (please make sure you read this all thoroughly, important information below) REWARDS! 1st Place: Twisted Bow 2nd Place: 5M PKP 3rd Place: 10K Angel Cape 4th Place: Scythe of Vitur RULES! You must make a brand new account, playtime tracker will depict the winner of quickest to max! (Quest tab). You cannot use any of the daily task scrolls to avoid pay to win to max faster, keeping it fair for all. (ex: double xp, nieves blessing, etc). You cannot share accounts, you cannot have someone skill for you, if another IP/Mac logs into your account, you are automatically disqualified and @Smackd will check! WHEN! This competition starts on April 16, 12:00 SERVER TIME (check quest tab for server time). STAFF WILL CHECK FOR ACCOUNT CREATION TIME, IF YOU MAKE AN ACCOUNT BEFORE THIS TIME YOU ARE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE BEGINNING. THIS GIVES TIME FOR ENOUGH PEOPLE FROM ALL TIME ZONES TO HEAR ABOUT THE COMPETITION! IMPORTANT INFORMATION!! 99 SLAYER IS NOT PART OF THE COMPETITION! IT IS TOO SLOW OF A SKILL AND WE HAVE DECIDED TO WAIVE IT!
  3. Forums haven't been this active in years LOL
  4. Fantastic banned someone for his tbow back other than that.. they’re all good.. jblind for global admin gz 2 rag bot keep it up my young child gz 2 khaled best brid on roat king of void
  5. Id flame you but you have no limbs...
  6. they're pointless they just make staff feel like shit bc only I get good feedback bc i am the best staff member
  7. Roat Pkz Video Competition! It's been awhile since our last great competition. It's time for a new one! Rules: Video Must be made specifically for this content! (No old videos). Video must be at least 3 minutes long, and not more than 7 minutes. Video must be uploaded to YouTube (public) & link to https://roatpkz.com/ in description. Video must be PvP related - Hybrid - Deep Wild - Edge Pking - etc. Video will be judged based on quality of clips + edit. Rewards: 1. $200 in Donation Credits or 150M OSRS. 2. $125 in Donation Credits or 100M OSRS. 3. $100 in Donation Credits or 75M OSRS. 4. $50 in Donation Credits or 40M OSRS. 5. $25 in Donation Credits or 20M OSRS. Submissions: All Videos must be submitted before 14. February 2021 Submissions must be sent to [email protected] (subject: Roat Pkz Video Competition, body:ign + youtube url). Winners will be announced Saturday 20. February 2021 (Gretar will be judging and picking the winners).
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