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  1. Love every1 especially rag bot and jblind my bros 4life.
  2. Everyone’s still gonna be in elysians that are half the price lol, won’t be a fix until those are also removed and made 1/1000 from Corp making them like 500k-1m
  3. ::oldbrid No Karambwans. No granite maul special allowed No PVP gear like Vestas etc No anglerfish allowed
  4. I was going to type out a thorough response however, I realized I see you camping a divine in ancestral anytime you're in any sort of risk, therefore your input is invalid to me and I don't care what you have to say as you're being bias, you're not credible enough to even comment on the state of the wilderness since you just bolt rag in multi. In short, put your feelings aside nothing is bias, vote no and move on I don't care kiddo.
  5. I don't know how many times I need to bring this up for Gretar to take it serious.
  6. The Wilderness is flooded with people using 15 brews and Divine / Elysian which is pretty underwhelming in terms of competition and aids all together, made this un-official poll just to get a general idea of what the community thinks should be done. Thank you.
  7. Grats to Jblind, has the best video every competition and never wins it.
  8. respect for the song + nice vid
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