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  1. Honor


    https://gyazo.com/66c3a014d7dbd5c11f30715b9f29ea4d after talking shit for countless minutes, he finally went to his place, on his knees
  2. I dont have favourite pker i barely even watch youtube vid u randy.
  3. Ur a no namer urself u started hybridding in 2k13 on a spawn server LOL and you never pked above lvl 10 wild in real rs.
  4. Make those things unspawnable so shit hybrids like mr jake will stop using max gear without risking shit.
  5. Nuff said pussy i dont even need to release the slap clips. 1-0
  6. Im not fanboying any1 nice try keep it up,whatever makes u feel u fucking virgin. ps: im done responding to a retard like u, not worth my time for a irrelevant cunt like you who cant even hybrid properly in 2016 and keep dying 24/7
  7. Want me to post the clip when i humiliated you on ur acc "spy network" earlier,i actually feel bad for you,camping this server 12+ hours a day and ur still trash.
  8. Lmao this pussy nigga got cooked.
  9. Those kids are legit terrible they dont even range you from distance instead.
  10. Stop eating at @55 hp that's safing you should eat at 40 hp maximum.
  11. Mage system is good as it is in 07 you do splash quite alot on tank. As far as the ags goes i do agree it is quite op and they should nerf the accuarcy.
  12. Honor


    All it matter that he got slapped
  13. Pretty sure this guy is a skorm fanboy i slapped him earlier.
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