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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to say bye to all the decent people on this server ( very few ).. but I can no longer stand this server l0l I mean yesterday I saw a guy join the server and ask a few questions and he said he had been asking people for 45 mins.... wow guys just wow you all fucking suck if we cant help a noob how is this server gonna grow? l0l it wont ive seen max 240 players on at once and thats pretty shitty l0l and everyone just talks shit when more than half are you are no life junk gamers who will never get laid lmao the staff is inactive af and dont really help for shit with enforcing rules besides when its against them but anyway shoutout to all the new people that read this just delete the roat pkz java and be done with it the servers comuntity is junk and the eco is absolutely horrible... and btw the secret to pid is the closer u live to the server the more pid you get l0l (server location neatherlands) bye retards.
  2. l0l yoobs such a str8 edge gg cu
  3. nice man never tried that but ive heard of it.
  4. just curious as to who smokes pot in this server? reply if u do and whats ur fav strand?
  5. well i was gonna give u 200 but u seem to have down syndrome so nvm. lol roat doesnt give refunds.
  6. its not my video man lol its someone elses its a british radio and they have a guest that tries to rap to the beats the hosts puts out
  7. The was a video posted somewhere on the forums the other day about 6 days ago and it was a british radio host and a rapper and it was so fucking funny i cant find it anyone know?
  8. Vid 1 of exposing this incompetent douche bag. More vids to come im sure about this idiot.... Sorry for quality.. ill make it better in next vid. https://www.youtube.com/upload
  9. stop pjing


    southern way of saying welcome ^
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