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  1. Tryna Sell this idk wtf this is and idk wtf its worth maybe nothing.
  2. Bricklayer


    Good to be back. Bester, lmao. 2-0 but I still you tho.
  3. Bricklayer


    Who are you? Tf.
  4. Bricklayer


    Back to reclaim my throne as best edge pker and wipe out half of Roat's population, Bow down or Be wiped out.
  5. Welcome. Mascot looks like a nigga pikachu but good stuff
  6. You got demoted.... Your respect diminished long ago. Good banter m8, But i won. Faggot.
  7. good 1v1 smokey pls thnx
  8. Wtf is this shit lmao im an edge pker.
  9. Lmao idek you m8 why are you snapping at me wth.
  10. Can you stop making these useless threads criticizing every aspect of this fucking PRIVATE SERVER.
  11. Hell nah i gotta bitch.
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