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  1. w65 edge or dont pipe it random
  2. How many times did your drunk stepdad have to beat you for you to be this braindead lmfao if people enjoy your videos (everyone uploads what you do so dont even pretend you're "not putting effort into it" because nobody does) they would subscribe to see more. Nobody wants to see more because ur fucking horrible
  3. U have 45 subs and your video is titled 46 you literally average less than one gained sub a video nobody rates you
  4. Ur not good, any of the three hybrids would manhandle you any day you absolute random
  5. What year is it lmfao they either kill us for it or die and lose less? Anyone was more than welcome to risk the same if pvp armour is common then it'll be used just like pre eoc/718s
  6. Horrible almost no kills and last clip is your friend u should go back to suiciding on 07 lmfao!!
  7. no matter how much u nutride you are not getting in you absolute random
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