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  1. ohh okay, well this lotto will be good then, cause then with this infernal lotto the cape cannot be sold for votes. maybe we could had some other things to vote shop as well to use up the votes.
  2. nice updates brother, but this means now that every sunday someone will be getting a infernal cape, and more and more will be owning it? unless there is a way to make a percentage where the server wins and no one gets cape like ever other week or so,
  3. Then come risk me retard? You dont know why i even posted this so mind your own your brain dead rat, He told me i never killed him a day in my life. And everytime i would kill him he would type on yell "1-0 road to raw you avoiding fuck" When i was the one that killed him and he avoids me. So why you coming on here acting like you know me? You dont know how i pked or how i use to be alot better at pking momths ago befor i broke my hand and messed up the nerves in my hand. So if next time im in game Pm me and we will risk if im not cleaned. If not pipe down uou dumb rat you dont even understand why i posted k0ed so mind your own
  4. Thanks mate, Trying to get a bunch of people to post stuff here. That kid is litterally the sumbest i know he never makes any sense at all. You kill him. He yells 1-0 then whoever killed him he says they avoiding him and he just killed and says we running like uOkBrO?
  5. Since this kid always says no one koes him and everytime he dies he says he koed the person that actually koed him and then he avoids, so who ever else has some kill pics of "me k0ed you1" drop them here to show the retard thanks
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