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  1. why bother writing a comment if its shit content? but slide in game i wont mind taking your stuff = ]
  2. check this vid out and my others! 250k give away <3! Click the link to my channel! 1 Pk in 22 - YouTube
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdGLVKVvEZ9CSPrJ4YJ0MzA/videos?view_as=subscriber Second vid on roatpkz! 100k give away will be drawn when i upload vid #3 So lets get them likes,comments and subs up boys! link is above to my channel!
  4. L0l @Fruitiest @Niye was high asf earlier looking at these l0l didnt even realise the dates this why i dnt get high ima quit
  5. getting infernal is a pain, my first cape i payed 175k for it..... my last one i got about 1.1m in it, youll get there one day!
  6. damn lol, i hope you reach your goal mate and gl on stake!
  7. Graz brother man, i plan on getting there one day, now you just need 200m in all(;
  8. ohh okay, well this lotto will be good then, cause then with this infernal lotto the cape cannot be sold for votes. maybe we could had some other things to vote shop as well to use up the votes.
  9. nice updates brother, but this means now that every sunday someone will be getting a infernal cape, and more and more will be owning it? unless there is a way to make a percentage where the server wins and no one gets cape like ever other week or so,
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