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  1. Wilderness Clue Scrolls

    1. Wildy Clue Scrolls dropped by NPCs/Skilling.

    2. Easy/Medium/Hard clues - higher lvl npcs drop hard clues more often.

    3. Rewards such as PKP/Rare items corresponding to difficulty of the clues.

    4. When u dig for the reward, an NPC boss will spawn and fight u (give decent amount of hp and difficulty).

    5. You can only defeat the boss with specific weapons (can add to vote shop/pkp shop).

    6. Once you dig the clue, you will be tbed for 5 minutes, forcing players to run out of the wilderness.

    7. Add achievements for x amount of easy/medium/hard clues completed.



    1. People like to do clue scrolls.

    2. Make wilderness more active.

    3. New content for people to do.

    4. Can make voting more lucrative and/or remove pkp via #5 above.

    5. Gretar makes $$$ and should consider spawning me a tbow *wink wink*. 


    P.S. I need legendary rank on forum. Kthxbye. 


    1- clue scrolls would have multiple steps so people would be inside the wilderness for at least couple minutes to fully complete their clue

    2- the boss only appears on the final clue

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  2. Orbs - Vote shop -> new items so people will vote and support the server. Roatpkz may even reach 600+ with the new vote incentives.

    Nightmare staff - PKP shop -> cash sink.

    Other shit - LMS (dead content)  -> not rly many people play it anymore, so if you add staff and orb to this shop people will just manipulate the prices and only few people can enjoy pking with the new items.



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