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  1. Good luck. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  2. They're all dogshit. Joirk2 and qwertyuiop1 for owners.
  3. zite

    Skilling Guide

    Table of Contents Skilling Benefits Skilling Locations Skilling Boosts Skilling Pets Skilling Capes Skilling (general) FAQ Credits Skilling Benefits Skilling Locations Skilling Boosts Skilling Pets Skilling Capes Agility Cooking Crafting Firemaking Fishing Fletching Mining Slayer Smithing Thieving Woodcutting FAQ: Credits I hope some of you will find this guide helpful as much as I enjoyed making it. If you have any questions or advice feel free to comment below. It will be updated in the future. I wish you all a fantastic skilling journey!
  4. I once stared at a leaf for an hour then I ate taco bell after 

    1. Fruitiest


      how high were you?=

  5. Sure, but it takes effort to load up multiple accounts to do that merchant shit. Also, 3 Legendary accounts you're spending 3M+ pkp to merch rofl. Your suggestion would allow people a convenient way to just merch on a single account. I'm getting off forum this is too stressful for me to simplify basic concept.
  6. The whole point of tradable slayer points is to be able to purchase the bigger tiered slayer point items. Most of the other items can be purchased by doing a few slayer tasks so this feature would only deflate the value of higher tiered items.
  7. No, 50 slots = price manipulation = rip eco
  8. If points were tradable there would be more vigorras in the game which would further decrease the price of vigorra lol. Just grind a bit so you can purchase expensive slayer gears. If slayer points were tradable, most higher tiered slayer items would decrease in value due to more supply coming into the game. Although I think there should be more options in slayer store + item like craws bow should be buffed to be competitive with vig mace.
  9. Terrible idea. But on a more important note, I absolutely love your sig. The shadow effect brings the signature to the 3rd dimension.
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