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  1. @airjordan23scorpion pit ::50s NW
  2. zite

    Roat Pkz [Custom Client]

    cool guide
  3. Suggestion: Messages in "help" cc will appear for ppl with SS rank and above while they are in another cc. They can right click on those messages (will be in different color) and reply. This way staff can be in a different clan chat while helping out noobs in the help cc. Basically a dual chat integration. @Gretar
  4. zite

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Updated and given u credit. Thanks. P.S. If any staff want to help update this topic feel free to edit. If any players want to add something to the list, feel free to comment below. This is an ongoing community project.
  5. So it's basically a "Community Chest". I like the idea, it will incentivize and surprise some people while they are playing the game.
  6. zite


    Quality video. Should apply 4 Youtuber rank.
  7. Sick video man. There's a huge skilling island at ::Skill if you want to check it out. Also, you could purchase ferocious gloves at bounty hunter shop.
  8. Should add another staff role such as Global Moderator to promote some existing active Moderator to Global Moderator and some existing active Server Support to Moderator. Global Mod would assume same + new administrative duties and assist and train new mods. As you can see each month some SS consistently put in a lot of hours and should be rewarded for their hard work. Also make sure every timezone is filled with active Staff to help players.
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