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  1. Weak hours. @Chef could easily put in more hours than all of these scrubs combined.
  2. My girl's going thru that time of the month and im too alpha for her bullshit, so here you go @Gretar enjoy the fruit of my creativity boredom and buy yourself a nice ferrari. This concept aims to sink both items and money from the game, ensuring a balanced economy, while also offering unique rewards to keep the gameplay exciting and rewarding. Simplified Concept: Imagine a special feature in the game where, for a small fee, you can unlock a chance to get super cool and rare items not just by fighting monsters, but also through PvP battles and completing skill challenges. This special chance would be part of what we call a "special drop table." For PvM: When you're out there battling monsters, you'll have a shot at getting rare loot that's only available on this special drop table. It's like a lottery ticket to win unique gear or items that you can't get anywhere else. For PvP: Similarly, if you're into fighting other players, each victory gives you a chance to score something from this exclusive loot pool. It makes every fight a bit more thrilling because there's more on the line than just bragging rights. For Skilling: Not into fighting all the time? No worries. You can also unlock these special rewards through various skill activities, whether it's fishing, crafting, or mining. It adds an extra layer of excitement to skilling because you might just stumble upon something rare and valuable. Paying the Fee: To access this special drop table, you'd need to pay a fee. This could be in-game currency or some form of points you earn by playing. This fee serves two purposes: It helps remove excess money and items from the game, helping to keep the economy healthy. It creates a barrier of entry, making sure that the items remain rare and special because not everyone will be willing or able to pay the fee. Seasonal Updates: To keep things fresh and exciting, these special items can change with the seasons. Every few months, new items could be added to the drop table, and others might be removed. It keeps players coming back to see what's new and encourages them to participate in different aspects of the game to collect them all before they're gone. Why It's Cool: This idea is fun because it adds an extra reward layer to everything you do in the game. Whether you're fighting, crafting, or exploring, there's always a chance to hit the jackpot and find something awesome. Plus, it helps make sure that the in-game economy stays balanced by taking out extra items and money. By incorporating this system across PvM, PvP, and Skilling, it ensures that all types of players have a chance to participate and benefit, regardless of their preferred gameplay style. It's a win-win for both the game's health and player satisfaction. Bonus ideas to think about: - Community events: server wide boost, people could donate their nans to that well of eco cleaning so everyone can have the boost for x amount of time - Economic balance: this would be an epic sink idea to balance the eco - Boost server activity: having that "chance" of hitting a dildo tbow dopamine rush would entice the arabs/vennies/dutch boi's to grind hard af and boost game activity - Exclusive zone only accessible via the special drop table fee. This would be another hotspot for PvP, and it would bait people to purchase the special drop table - Engagement across all player types: By incorporating elements from PvM, skilling, and PvP, the concept ensures wide appeal. Players with different interests have reasons to participate, fostering a more inclusive community - Add it to a clan boost or scroll or w.e - Shouldn't be difficult to code, the benefits are fucking enormous (I would rate this as high as the vault idea) P.S. need unmute + royal rank. You're welcome.
  3. Zite is your daddy 

  4. don’t need. It’s not a name change so people can’t impersonate. You retain both the old and new names bc it’s a stat transfer.
  5. This is an easy solution to the problems associated with the name change system whilst accomplishing the same thing. Transfer stats/progress/kdr instead of changing the name: Step 1: Zite claimed a "Transfer Ticket" purchased from ::store or ::tp Step 2: What name would you like to transfer progress to? "Daddy Hybrid 69" Step 3: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO TRANSFER YOUR PROGRESS to "Daddy Hybrid 69" - PLEASE NOTE ALL YOUR CURRENT PROGRESS WILL BE ERASED -> click "YES". Step 4: Please log into "Daddy Hybrid 69" and type "::transfer accept" to confirm the transaction. Command only works outside of wilderness and not in combat. Step 5: When confirmed the game will automatically kick “Zite” and “Daddy Hybrid 69” off the game and the stats are transferred. Step 6: Log back in and all stats, progress, achievements are transfered to the new account. - Previous account will have all their stats/progress/kdr erased and updated on HS. - New account obtains old progress (stats, high-score, kdr, etc all updated). - Player would retain both original and new names (yay no impersonation!). - Donator rank does not transfer (sorry, too many people would rwt their donator rank). - This system will have no effect on clan chat. This will prevent back end issues, data base complications, impersonations, name sniping, etc while allowing people to transfer their stats and progress to a new name.
  6. Would be an interesting addition. Anything is possible if the weps are balanced properly for PVP.
  7. Expertly crafted and polished, it's evident that the professional content and captivating pirate-themed elements were not generated by an AI. This event showcases remarkable originality, with no repetition of character designs or assets from past holiday events. Rest assured, no digital manipulation or editing tools were utilized in the development of this imaginative event. Additionally, congratulations on acquiring yet another magnificent mansion with the majestic royalty update. Your hard work and dedication are truly admirable.
  8. zite

    Skilling Guide

    Prob 50/50 atm. Either game for a week or Netflix then back to the IRL grind. @Gretar hook royal donator? Appreciate the kind words. I have high standards for my creations.
  9. zite

    Skilling Guide

    Just started summer break. Thinking about updating this just for completeness... but ehhhhh
  10. Chef is the only one I will vouch for.
  11. Omg this is the best artwork in the universe. Why aren’t you SS yet???
  12. FEEDBACK AND VOUCHED!!!!! THE ARTWORK WAS SO GOOD I PAID A VLS FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MAN IS THE NEXT PICASSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Zite aka: Daddy, Daddy Hybrid, Daddy Tribrid Pimp Named Daddy, Denzel, Shaniqua. Denzel Shaniqua MLK Jr, Miguel, Mohammad Hussain Barrack Obama
  13. Request: "#1 Booty Eater" My offer: ags or claws depending if it impresses (or not) me.
  14. Can confirm it wasn't a ddos. Someone donated >$100k for inanimate objects and the game got really confused and dc'd. Rather unfortunate timing for Bravo lt.
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