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  1. don’t need. It’s not a name change so people can’t impersonate. You retain both the old and new names bc it’s a stat transfer.
  2. This is an easy solution to the problems associated with the name change system whilst accomplishing the same thing. Transfer stats/progress/kdr instead of changing the name: Step 1: Zite claimed a "Transfer Ticket" purchased from ::store or ::tp Step 2: What name would you like to transfer progress to? "Daddy Hybrid 69" Step 3: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO TRANSFER YOUR PROGRESS to "Daddy Hybrid 69" - PLEASE NOTE ALL YOUR CURRENT PROGRESS WILL BE ERASED -> click "YES". Step 4: Please log into "Daddy Hybrid 69" and type "::transfer accept" to confirm the transaction. Command only works outside of wilderness and not in combat. Step 5: When confirmed the game will automatically kick “Zite” and “Daddy Hybrid 69” off the game and the stats are transferred. Step 6: Log back in and all stats, progress, achievements are transfered to the new account. - Previous account will have all their stats/progress/kdr erased and updated on HS. - New account obtains old progress (stats, high-score, kdr, etc all updated). - Player would retain both original and new names (yay no impersonation!). - Donator rank does not transfer (sorry, too many people would rwt their donator rank). - This system will have no effect on clan chat. This will prevent back end issues, data base complications, impersonations, name sniping, etc while allowing people to transfer their stats and progress to a new name.
  3. Would be an interesting addition. Anything is possible if the weps are balanced properly for PVP.
  4. Expertly crafted and polished, it's evident that the professional content and captivating pirate-themed elements were not generated by an AI. This event showcases remarkable originality, with no repetition of character designs or assets from past holiday events. Rest assured, no digital manipulation or editing tools were utilized in the development of this imaginative event. Additionally, congratulations on acquiring yet another magnificent mansion with the majestic royalty update. Your hard work and dedication are truly admirable.
  5. zite

    Skilling Guide

    Prob 50/50 atm. Either game for a week or Netflix then back to the IRL grind. @Gretar hook royal donator? Appreciate the kind words. I have high standards for my creations.
  6. zite

    Skilling Guide

    Just started summer break. Thinking about updating this just for completeness... but ehhhhh
  7. Chef is the only one I will vouch for.
  8. Omg this is the best artwork in the universe. Why aren’t you SS yet???
  9. FEEDBACK AND VOUCHED!!!!! THE ARTWORK WAS SO GOOD I PAID A VLS FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MAN IS THE NEXT PICASSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Zite aka: Daddy, Daddy Hybrid, Daddy Tribrid Pimp Named Daddy, Denzel, Shaniqua. Denzel Shaniqua MLK Jr, Miguel, Mohammad Hussain Barrack Obama
  10. Request: "#1 Booty Eater" My offer: ags or claws depending if it impresses (or not) me.
  11. Can confirm it wasn't a ddos. Someone donated >$100k for inanimate objects and the game got really confused and dc'd. Rather unfortunate timing for Bravo lt.
  12. Nobody uses that recruitment board lol.
  13. I just had a dream that Chef became a server support after his 1000th application.

    1. Chef



  14. @Gretar and I have debated this in the past. My stance from day 1 is that a cap is bad for server growth bc it restricts people from joining cc and participating in wilderness activity. In an ideal server there would be multiple clans competing, but most people want to be in the #1 clan to make pkp easier, and #2/#3 etc die out and to make the problem worse, if there is a low cap enforcement then nobody would be able to join a cc and RIP wildy when #2/#3 die out and #1 is under a restricted cap. You need people to be in the wilderness to be considered a successful pvp server. They have tried a low cap for over a year and the server statistics speak for itself (the server growth got fucked - literally 200-300 online IIRC). Objectively speaking- Swab and the Venny clan in RW (run by RW owner) are the only two long lasting clans in the rsps scene due to good clan management and most other clans die out quickly. In this day and age good luck maintaining multiple clans in a server bc people have IRL obligations. There will always be a top dog in every server, it's a matter of how to balance it properly to obtain a desired growth trajectory. I do like the new update with cc scaling - I think it's unique and going into the right direction. Based on history alone and the sheer amount of success of VennyWild, a low cc cap would result in = anti-server growth. Roatpkz is blessed that it actually has a major clan to draw action and doesn't die out in under a month. Will be interesting to see how this plays out a year from now if the right decisions are made. IMO the server has an extremely strong core pvp player base, but if it wants to draw other player bases, it needs more development in other areas such as better pvm/skilling content (more opportunities for pvm and skilling clans to emerge w/ better content), which would require more developers. It's truly a marvel how this server has this much player with such little development in pvm/skilling. Luckily for roatpkz, pvp is the magic formula for long term rsps survivability - a good example would be ikov/zaros with a lot of developers and probably the best coded RSPS in the scene, but unfortunately it has no pvp. I already know 100% it'll be dead/reset within a year from now. All that coding effort just to become a dead cash grab.
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