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  1. @Xexur hot bb let me get yo numba
  2. Yeah, true. I often feel intimidated talking to staff members since they're so cool and important. Just the sheer fact of approaching them gives me PTSD like when I was in Vietnam or finding out that Santa Claus isn't real.
  3. Music feature, possibly add custom tunes and songs by uploading into the client, or the good old classic RS theme songs to make me reminisce about all those wasted years of my childhood playing runescape. Support.
  4. Zite #1 PKER ALIVE

  5. @[email protected] Feedback: 1) Add Clue scroll sub-forum section 2) Add Clue scroll guide Reason: To make your job easier since people will be making countless threads trying to get clue help and this will save you a lot of time by organizing the forum. Thanks for the update!
  6. Nigga just showed proof of himself using auto hotkey variant on youtube. Fkin moron.
  7. Username: Nigga dont u see my name alreadyAge: None yo business. Call Chris Hansen on yo bitch ass.Country: Wakanda ForevaAny previous staff experience: If this is implying whether someone has sucked dicks and brown nosed for power before, then no, but I am destined for greatness.How long have you been playing Roat Pkz: Nigga how am i supposed to remembaHow long do you play Roat Pkz daily for: Whenever I feel like itWhy should we consider you as Server Support: I'm a certified redditor w >300 IQ. Have ur people contact my people if interested.
  8. zite


    Wtf yall niggas be trippin. let my slayerman brotha slay in peace!!!
  9. Imagine cheating in a game because you have nothing left in life to fill in that gap of insecurity
  10. ngl Jblind pretty hot. I'd hit that in the picture, no homo though.
  11. lmao rip rat gang fgts. Niggas were fake 10-item switching insta-barrage at mb. GF cheating scumbags.
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