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  1. Selling CustomZone Pm me good offer!
  2. The Rebuild of roatpkz 7.5m not mine It's called a trust trade with W00t W 0 0 t my AWESOME MATE! I'll hope you guys like it and pking videos are coming!
  3. Give me ur skype in pm in game or here, I have somethings to talk with you.
  4. Gretar bro, I logged in today at morning, and i saw my self behind my name a Moderator crown i thought i got promoted but ... nope there is many of people have that crown behind name but it don't show for other people. Some people said they got promoted on forums also.. but i can't do any command so that crown does nothing, it's only an moderator crown, i mean.. i'm wondering what is going on... there is a picture: http://prntscr.com/amp201 Thanks anyways bro ''If it does nothing... you don't need to work to delete it bro''
  5. Well i don't know but, Thanks bro Thanks, And i know it's hard i tried to sell it all time, no other way only to stake and then you know what it happens Thanks terezy means a lot! Well m8, I already staked and lost it but you know what i don't care, i always used to lose tons more and thanks. Ty I already staked and i lost in the stake, you know.. fuck this shitty happens for me.. i always lose my pid hits on big but i don't care man now i am cleaned anyways. it was my last chance for REBUILD waste of 420 kills gg days
  6. Thanks bro! Thanks. Well yeah, Thanks bro
  7. So after hard work I'll played in the day 10 hours + in chaos ele till i reached 420 kills... today at morning i logged 2-3 kills till 420, i got it finally i'm selling it in game pm me offeR! here is the picture http://prntscr.com/al0b2j Thanks for everything! Classic pk -
  8. Well haha but , i got recently cleaned because of i staked many times for customs made me lose e everything, anyways thanks items comes and gone bro anytime
  9. Well i'm down much, hahahahaha soon i make again it's ez game mate I will hook ya later add me ing. Thanks bro xDDDD I'm very sorry bro we stay regular friends, and i'm down much as hell, i will hook ya up later Thanks bud Yup
  10. Classic pk, here a picture of me starting to clean the people! ''Sorry'' http://prntscr.com/abiu81 and here after some days i have reached the 1M in pkp. ********************************************************************************************************************************* http://prntscr.com/abgm6d I still have ton of items in bank , gf to everyone who i cleaned rockshift, panic2hard and everyone else sorry for this mates I getting the cleaned soon so dw, ********************************************************************************************************************************* ''I have recorded all my stakes witch means the 150k pkp stakes and all dat shits, but after the 10mins the video got freezed and deleteD+ fucked up so i was so mad i couldn't upload my staking video anyways i taked some pictures up. ********************************************************************************************************************************* I'm taking my skype off + using a hidden account with super, so i don't get people begs me for items because i can't give everyone and this isn't fair to give only some and others no so better no. ********************************************************************************************************************************* Last thing i wanna say for you guys, If you could subscribe to my channel yt It's called: ''Anony.huppa'' for more pking, staking videos coming, Thanks!
  11. Well yeah it's me classic pk here gf bro... gl next time
  12. Well nice my bank x30 than you but nice bank D:
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