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  1. hello everyone. im a guy who been playing for 8-9 years roatpkz and know whats good for the game my opinion: pid should be added to make pking feel more better im a riskfighter and i know myself that not having pid on a game like roatpkz thats like boring because roatpkz is like a pk server and having pid is one of the best things to have on a pk server, it does make pking hard i know but it'll change roatpkz pking and style forever. and like roatpkz is such a game i'd love to see a change like this IM ALL FOR ROATPKZ -PURE ALWAYS
  2. kingggggggggggggg by pure always you're a beast no cap
  3. im happy to get that chance to get that bank im greatful love you roatpkz community
  4. For server support topic my honest opinion is here. Goat And Superimum are the most deserved ss of all of them and pm2getbodied helps but not like them. Karishma is a toxic dude i don't see him helping or the future of roat pkz ss. death dream is a nice dude and he helps alot i think he should keep his rank like pm2getbodied. i don't know about others i don't wanna judge randomly. for admin topic my honest opinion is here. fantastic and jblind should be forever admins of roat pkz. i don't see a better admin than them respect for helping everyone for moderators: i don't really know like i never saw them helping so i don't wanna judge. -PURE ALWAYS.
  5. so yeah guys today was a special day of my life. Shoutout to Mekko for making this happen first. Im speechless Honestly. he said first one to kill me gets 80k+claws
  6. @purealwaysbestpker! oh wait its not my topic jk. hope you'll get ss soon!!!!! come back brotha!!!!! i miss u and i forgiveyou and fuk u zoradz
  7. o i made shit video and shit talking just wanna see reaction:] hahaha next video will be much better
  8. hahaha ikr i tried to not do full screen but it didnt work , ah well i hope next video will be amazing to watch sorry for the black bars, ill make sure next video be better
  9. okay so guys im planning to quit ugh sry no ags for you JK i wont quit roatpkz4life
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