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  1. so yeah guys today was a special day of my life. Shoutout to Mekko for making this happen first. Im speechless Honestly. he said first one to kill me gets 80k+claws
  2. @purealwaysbestpker! oh wait its not my topic jk. hope you'll get ss soon!!!!! come back brotha!!!!! i miss u and i forgiveyou and fuk u zoradz
  3. o i made shit video and shit talking just wanna see reaction:] hahaha next video will be much better
  4. hahaha ikr i tried to not do full screen but it didnt work , ah well i hope next video will be amazing to watch sorry for the black bars, ill make sure next video be better
  5. okay so guys im planning to quit ugh sry no ags for you JK i wont quit roatpkz4life
  6. ly2 hahahab idk rly was bored <3
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