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  1. everyone today im gonna join crossfit tournament please wish me if I win 1st place im gonna do big giveaway I'm so nervous omg they're a lot of athelic join the tournament wih me luck please everyone ilove u all #roatpkz @Yoobs @Smackd @Legend™ @Craig @Reducers @ism0kepurp
  2. my mouse pad look like this because I a was beast no1 can beat me retard #1 switch
  3. https://gyazo.com/2dec44fff55c602fcc36cc805dd7e23b a piece of shit mouse owning everyone in nh its broken im using soletap on it I bought it 6 year ago sony ass mouse
  4. sinister please help me why I can't  load on the server https://gyazo.com/cc4170326547f508c2dc76762e60611a  erro connecting ????????? please I really want to play thanks

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