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  1. Retarded dog boy :) enjoy ur life in london on the streets, maybe you'll be mime yh?

    1. CertainlyNotSinister


      Thanks, just logging in from the local library to see this.

    2. Rot Tries pknew

      Rot Tries pknew


  2. soon free ride that sentence my bro

  3. sinister please help me why I can't  load on the server https://gyazo.com/cc4170326547f508c2dc76762e60611a  erro connecting ????????? please I really want to play thanks

  4. Hey, let me know what I can do to improve myself! Thanks Sinister! :)

    1. 24k
    2. Smackd


      Was being sarcastic when he said I'm a abusive SS LOL

  5. sinister sorry too bother you again but.. can we  pls fix this problem i think i am close to fixing it but i need ur expertise man pls i just wana play the server

  6. i see your online.. cud u help me now?

  7. sinister could u pls help me out??

    when i try download the client from the homepage

    i get an internet explorer sign on my desktop ..wtfs this about and how do i fix that..


    ps: when i convert it into a winrar file i have no application that says play.bat or something like that pls respond so i can play

    1. chillbone


      hey sinister would you please look what i can do, check my last posts pls and see what you can do with it.. u never responded on my last message so we couldnt do the teamview thing anymore..

      perhaps tomorrow i see some response

      gr chillbone


  8. hey sinister,

    I checked the topic u send me too.

    but that did not work for me i still can not open the webclient nor download the client properly..


    pls help me i've been struggling for over 2 hours now.. and im getting tired of it


  9. hello sinister, i recently bought a new labtop with windows 10 on it and roatz doesnt load, everytime i try to run it just comes up with this 


    any feedback would be appreciated

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