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  1. What's on your mind?

  2. Sinister

    Forum staff?

    It's 2021 my friend you can easily limit ACP, the only risk is if they have immense programming/hacking capability to bypass those restrictions, which in the nicest way possible, i don't think any Roat admin would : Care to do Know how to do Want to do You can have ACP access without seeing IPs and sensitive information, but then theres the issue of compromised accounts from staff members, so you're not wrong, it's definitely a tricky one and i can understand 100% why for him the risk simply isn't worth taking for the very small benefit there is for doing it.
  3. Sinister

    Forum staff?

    Need admin CP to give ranks and gretar wont trust even his most trusted admins with that AFAIK, i think it could help keep forums active though. Mike4Forum mod
  4. I see you are still permanently, mentally troubled from the Don Sinister. WB, don't think anyone's rushing to get into a discord call with you though
  5. meridians were all fucking randoms trying to band together to avoid my abuse lads.

    1. Mike


      @Looty If I can remember correctly you were the one who tried to fit in? 😂😂 Just stop it Vanessa, cutie

    2. Sinister


      If im so random why are you coming to my profile after me not playing the game for 6 years, you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot there Frooty. 


      Still on ur mind :P

  6. Although I don’t play it’s nice to see roat getting updates Good job
  7. Sinister


    Still a bum?
  8. Just like an Arabs brain
  9. So many people care about this post
  10. im hting them, they always have betetr hits in arena
  11. Sinister


    This topics 3 years old my g
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