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  1. Sinister


    Yeah, forums used to be the juiciest place on Roat for drama and conversation but the rise in popularity of Discord has meant they've been dead since like 2018. It's sad. Even if we incentivise using them people will only use them for a prize/reward so quality on here would still be low. Tragiccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
  2. Don't think anyones actively doing GFX on here brother
  3. He's been grinding fr, more to come.
  4. Whats rigged about losing FP
  5. Had a really busy month, with work, holiday, and family events. Good job on the hours for the most part everyone, and Congratulations to Baz on his promotion.
  6. Flaming isn’t corrupt and the furthest I take it is clan banter/fake beef, infact there’s literally nothing you can do as SS that’s corrupt. Mentioning a server I owned 6 years ago is a bit irrelevant as well but I love you too.
  7. That’s in a conventional modern era game where the games designed to run and render via your GPU. So adjusting the graphics there ofcourse has an effect as you’re simply adding more strain to your GPU. There’s a difference between using your graphics card already and adding further demand to it, as well as your CPU… And then there’s using it to render graphics for you when it was previously not used, and be less CPU intensive. Hope this helps.
  8. Best CC on the game any one disagreeing is simply jealous or deluded. #999Blue
  9. Owner Gretar - Good guy, doing his best to keep roat active and has some cool stuff on the way Global Admin(s) SMACKD -good lad guessing you’re pretty busy as you’re usually on a lot more. Administrator(s) Fantastic Cx -good lad guessing you’re pretty busy as you’re usually on a lot more. Player Moderator(s) Fruitiest - Playtime: Proud to say I am a FruityFriend, Jareds always helpful and chill Goat - The goat #999Blue Baz - good guy, always solid hours Valence - very helpful and chill, tell your cousin to log in Server Support(s) Fun Time -good guy and always has ridiculous hours gj Ex0tic - Insane hours as usual, promote my boy
  10. Not true at all. Regular client runs off processor power not GPU, GPU plugins allows your PC to balance the load on your PC and optimize performance by utilizing both CPU and GPU. As long as your PC doesn't have integrated graphics (an office pc/old laptop), utilising the HD plugins will benefit you.
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