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  1. all meridian L O L awk coincidence
  2. 07 Items - The 07 items not added yet are some of the good ones, so I think this is pretty high priority Removing chaotics and spirit shields - Should be the top priority Combat Fixes - I think removing chaotics and ss' need to be done before combat can be fixed more Donator Benefits - Idc for this lol, I think pixels should be the only donator benefit anyway New staff - Not a necessity really but wouldnt mind Community related (events and such) - Need staff who cares about pking and will actually do daily/every other day events. Perhaps add a staff only command like ::ffa on that allows people to be tellied to the place where when you die you end up at home.
  3. Kihfan55


    so because you suck and die a lot on that acc, that means ur deaths don't count? Give me an account name that u use then? I put u into hiding before ill do it again retard lol a few months of hiding and u got ur confidence back to the point that u think u can compete with me, that's funny
  4. Kihfan55


    I killed 'the jaack' or some shit like 2 days ago? U stopped going on the acc 'king jaack' because u were bullied off it by me and kevin? Don't get lippy fam lmfao get off a hidden and ill gladly put u in ur place like everyone else. It's funny u say you've killed me 3x in the past 2 months considering I've only died like 5 times and I doubt any of those times would be to king jaack l000l
  5. Kihfan55


    http://youtu.be/K00InV-QhNk u can try to hide behind that new name but u suck incase u forgot
  6. Kihfan55


    Yh so typing opposed to ddosing and hacking is what gets you banned. castial logic!!!!!
  7. Ofc u make this topic and say America lets list the reasons why the uk is shit, oh wait, nobody knows anything about the uk
  8. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pussio
  9. u dont even know that for a fact bruv LO L dont make people think misinformation even if it is about a diff server @eliza karma pussio
  10. then change all their ingame names to their irls [in chemo] Canderik: hey guys
  11. that's why I've killed u every time u said "gl johny!!! O_O!!" I think u may have forgot ur place after leaving for isis training but please get on tomorrow or this weekend and I'll gladly give u a reminder
  12. everyone thinks im good and everyone knows u suck clearly theres a reason behind that lool haha
  13. sick run on sentences of nonsense
  14. we're all better than u tho peppii
  15. a new leaf? u wish pussio, u decided to speak up against #stroopwafel u will pay the ultimate price
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