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  1. How do u have time to play roat active enough 2 notice? Lol
  2. Kihfan55


    I would say yes, the fight itself and the language in the contract was for money, but I think the show they put on proved it wasn't just a fight for money. When I see "money grab" I think of money grab I think of a predetermined result at least amongst them, and I think we could see that *probably* wasn't the case I would say Connor could have made A LOT more money in the future if he had won the fight, so for him it would make no sense
  3. Kihfan55


    @Tupac @Matt did you guys watch the same fight as everyone else? LOL If this was a "setup money grab" Floyd would've knocked him out first round (or at least at all). There's no explainable way that this was rigged/a money grab, it was a great fight at the judgement of actual boxing experts? It must be a tough pill to swallow for people who hate Floyd because you're stuck in a place where you have to explain away greatness @Tupac no one is stopping you from making your own top 5/10 list? If you think you have exceedingly larger knowledge on the sport then expound on it.. I don't think we were even arguing Floyds place in history but only an idiot would say "Floyd isn't one of the greatest boxers of all time". I beg you to say that and disqualify yourself from any opinion on the matter https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2729719-mayweather-vs-mcgregor-winner-purse-details-and-review-of-marquee-fight.amp.html http://www.telegraph.co.uk/boxing/2017/08/27/conor-mcgregor-vs-floyd-mayweather-result-fight-winner-announced/
  4. Thing is u can't cry about dying to 1v1s when that's all ur team ever got was 1v1 kills ever lol how are you any different from g unit? When we fought you, you never tried to tb us also u can't say ur up on them when that's blatantly not true? There is more pics here and you both only care about kills not being good so yh, based on that g unit > ur team w/e
  5. Would be funnier to see either team make a vid on kills that aren't solo/1v1
  6. That's not even grammatically correct try again lol
  7. Kihfan55


    NOOOOO L0x... my friend
  8. Kihfan55


    Come tome , lemme clean u 1 time last
  9. Not my account, just using for infernal cape
  10. Didn't read, why would you assume anyone would believe your text autoer?
  11. Few days off so just gonna embarrass erca haha
  12. I'll be on today and tomorrow, come on now? Last time we fought when you admitted it was you was when we were friends and I would bully you lol Fight me on Erca
  13. But without fighting him right?
  14. you're a lot better than drawers!
  15. You're an unreliable person. If anyone actually pays you they're getting scammed If you're really motivated to help the server, why not talk to higher staff and see if they could pay you after the vids made? You don't need money to physically make it and you won't be paying anyone after, so why would you need money up front?
  16. I don't 15% when I'm next to someone because I might have to put on piety right away unless I'm unfrozen (if that's an excuse loool) i dont/can't 1 tick barrages so best I can do is camp piety
  17. 2 of em are ye Thnx, I'm working every day for a while now tho
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