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  1. Pyd

    jankin dead for 10m 07 coins

    peep bottom corner "nty whale" just before he gets tbed l00ls0glsd0lgs0gl dumb pures
  2. Pyd

    jankin dead for 10m 07 coins

    allow the misjudged freeze time, still tap dancing on these niggas
  3. Pyd

    jankin dead for 10m 07 coins

    Not pked on 07 in 3 years. Dumb pure dead
  4. Pyd

    hatcx evidence

    fight me ­čĄú
  5. Pyd

    Hybrid kills

    not one of those top 10 even hybrid LOL
  6. Pyd

    Need answers

    you're 7 thieving on osrs
  7. Pyd


    dope 10 fps recording
  8. Pyd

    hatcx evidence

    Anyone in ratlords who think they're remotely decent hmu prove you're decent Maybe if you could spell it properly they might
  9. Buying all - Thammaron's Sceptres Craw's Bows Viggoras Chainmaces Pm me ingame tell me your prices "pyd" Thanks arabs.
  10. Pyd

    Looking for designing progress

    * Type´╗┐ of project (Signature´╗┐/Banner/Logo): Signature * Size by pixels (Not required)´╗┐ : no idea what this shit means * Main text : Pyd * Subtext : ´╗┐ * Specific Colors :orange + black * Font wi´╗┐th´╗┐ the link (Not required) : anything decent * Photo / ´╗┐Render´╗┐ / ´╗┐Background (Link) : * Transparent background´╗┐ (Yes/No) : * Anything else on your´╗┐ ´╗┐mind´╗┐ :
  11. When did you get half decent?
  12. THIS POST HAS BEEN RUSHED SO IGNORE POSSIBLE BAD GRAMMAR/TYPOS ETC. ::Risk/::Highrisk Zone Deathmatches Make a new risk arena, similar to the current ones. But to enter this will be similar to starting a duel. Once both players accept the risk (both invent and equipped items will be shown to each player in the duel screen!) they will be teleported into the arena, basicallly the same style as ::tournament, winner takes all. This can be done at duel arena but nobody ever does it so this could influence it. New Ghrazi Rapier animation Teleport to Bounty Hunter Target spell Maybe won't be used all that much but it would be a nice addition to the game I suggest putting this in the Bounty Hunter shop with a 1 time payment of 5k BH points Change the Divine Spirit Shield handle colour Blue handle looks garbage and needs to be changed Scythe of Vitur Scythe of Vitur is new item on OSRS. This should be added with a similar value to twisted bow (2k-4k) donor points Will be OP for Jad and Skotizo and we also need another expensive item ingame! OSRS Deadman Mode PVP Armours These armour sets are already in game but i suggest adding the new updated osrs models and also introducing the Statius Warhammer, Zuriels staff, Vesta spear, Morrigans throwing axe and Morrigans javelins. All armours will degrade as normal and be dropped from revs, i think they would add a bit of variety the game and would be a pkp sink because they degrade fast and are expensive. Seeing how there is no Miasmic Barrage on OSRS this is what the Zuriels staff gives for current magic spells Trading Post In my opinion this is a MUST and a game changer for Roatpkz. Its 2018 nobody wants to be standing around spamming for items (not even me) this system works in a similar way to grand exchange. All items on roatpkz would be allowed to be sold in the post I also suggest adding 1 or 2 posts to ::cw to influence 55x2 hosting/dice dueling and flowerpoker because the majority of players not in the wilderness will be hanging around the posts i would of thought Interface once you type in specific item you are looking to buy Interface showing your items which are currently for sale in the trading post Will be plenty more suggestions soon but this is what i have for now. DISCUSS
  13. didn't even know this guy existed, come introduce yourself to me first, just hopped on forums and some guy tryna impress me while i know nothing about it LOL ­čĄú­čĄú
  14. Pyd


    games trash, so rigged in every way sick of it
  15. Pyd


    my eyes burn everytime you type rahhh read my sig fake ass nigga ­čĄú