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  1. Roatpks on mobile +1 give me support plis
  2. Thats actually super cool oml
  3. Low-key this is pretty much something I thought about as I finally fixed up my f keys to use them. its pretty stupid and all but I am horrible at bridding now as I couldn't keep up with key users while I couldn't use f keys. a shame really but I thought, how cool would it be to have an NPC with infinite health sit inside a PVM zone that has the stats of a player and has gear similar to bridders and tribridders. this is to help those who are TRASH at bridding and what not, to use it and brid on it to try and get better. Say that I just got on and haven't brid all day or anything, but I get called out. I would want to warm up naturally somehow, that is the use of this NPC. it doesn't have to drop anything of course, but Id find this helpful to get me back to how I use to be before I stopped bridding and possibly get better than that too. it would help players get good .
  4. You Could add An NPC to talk to and trade the Fire Max Capes for a chance gamble for Jad pet. the chances are going to have to be really rare, because the amount of people who have Fire Max Capes.
  5. Yeah... I'm not participating Never said I was in game nor on forums Nor did I sign up myself
  6. I like the idea of the whole thing other than the whips really. Dbow getting put in will have dbow rushers minimized by a little bit and putting acb will give non donaters a shot to beat ccbow in a fight and the spirit shields in the pkshop will give less tanking prodders in the wilderness. I approve of this all except the whip
  7. What is this "system32" and where would i find it lol
  8. Alright so I need help with something. its about opening the Download Client. Alright so first I click the download. then it asks to open and i click it but it then opens another screen asking 3 things "Open" "Save as" and "Save". and all 3 of these things do not open it. and all it does is cycle creating many files of roat that i cant get into wasting my space. I don't exactly know how to put photos on here so ill just put the Prntscr URLs in http://prntscr.com/9djtkh http://prntscr.com/9djtma http://prntscr.com/9djtp9
  9. I would love to be in this set me up chris price = ig
  10. Roat needs new capes, I have suggestions I would love to get put in -blue Cape: -Itemdb / item: 14642 -red cape:-itemdb / item: 14641 Kiln cape/ TokHaar-Kal: -itemdb / item 23636 these capes don't have to be spawn-able just able to be acquired -Chris Price-
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