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  1. Idiots blocking, ya'll easy none can compete threatting with yoobs 'if u ns yoobs will ban u doesnt matter if u broke rulesor not, if we atked u or not, yoobs will just do w.e we tell him" lOOOoooooOoool.
  2. I turn vote into 300k pkp everyday puppy.
  3. Im 86 on rs, higher than him, plus maxed pure. Wbu?
  4. Rllyyy rob..... They use him as a rag slave , they'll bs him soon,look worldmap hes not even on their friendslist
  5. It was 0ld , he died at mb, then came flaming at confines. RIP
  6. Im the guy who has been slapping u since ur 1st day in roatpkz,symphony , the dfs begger. Still better than u sinister aka runner.
  7. Shhh u cant call me clueless when u know nothing
  8. New ppl? I hope u dont bs eachothers again l0l0l... #gsltn ur mouth
  9. Downed by guard... cu lox
  10. Username: desert ship How long you've played: 4 years of rpks.... rs since 1999 i think Can you provide yourself with your own items: yeahhh im a good staker i killed riad123 several times for 10k's , it was funny af, my mates,arun,jj,estimated give me pkp too.. i can stake phs banks if u like, ask arun im a good staker ,, yhyh Can you join a teamspeak : sureee, i speak arabic/english also i say #glstn ur mouth.
  11. i think we need dwh/sires/bp/wards/fury (or)/dark inf/crystal maul and muchh more before that balista lol.
  12. noo, i have another suggestion, buy it from vote shop, and upgrade to elite for 250 pkp.
  13. Thats isnt a reason to bs him, u could tell him that hes kicked if u really dont need his pixels, u saying hes nice? Chris already said that u invited himm2 ph just to be a "rag slave" , craig is a very chill person, we were friends 2 years ago , but he became toxic once he joined "ph" and was bsed.... lol ty for confirming.
  14. He was slammed by smokey U seen him irl? He has a big nose tryin to hide it with phone flash. 0ld,freebies,kids maqe left LOL
  15. Can u? U talking? Smokey cleared u in oss without eating, then clrd tofake afk Screenshot skype conv and share us
  16. "Nser" can u last 50 hrs? Atleast i never was lured by cc lol, im being on ur side against em but u need ages 2 jnderstand that lol. U never were right symphony u used to beg for a dfs back in days noob.
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