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  1. Much money down there, meanwhile I can’t afford an Ags.
  2. Not bad, nice video
  3. desert ship


    hi im back lol
  4. Well, Jerusalem had always been an arabic city before Israel even exist, and it was the captial of Palestine if you don't know that,however, Israel occupied Jerusalem in 1984 and thats why u see jews there, Islamic Jihad by muslims? thats not even Jihad, also, defending our home land is a terrorist action? dudee ... the reason why i called trump a terrorst bcus he knows whats goin there and he knows that his discusion will open the gates of war and will be more people dying as u said, so humanless
  5. i legit appreciate your work lol, awesome topic, extremely well explained. nice man!
  6. great idea, i support but in a deferent way, like killing 10 people with dhide chaps is alittle weird or i guess if u just put that for example... i'd suggest like killing enemy using dds special or w/e for easy scrolls (spawnables weps) 5 times.for medium kill someone using dh axe or any low price item 10 times i guess. for hard clue kill ppl that have 100+ pkp risk and ect. these scrolls will be dropped in different rates, easy 1/20 medium 1/40 hard 1/80 and will have an amazing rewards from pkp shop.
  7. 1) How abortion was brought to you (in school, parents, had to research it yourself, arose from my political views) In school, mosque, theres a whole season about obortion (religious law) like theres some rules you have to follow according to your religion in which situation you have the right to do that, for example if the fetus ages 40 days+ u dont have the rights to obort him for any reason ever unless the mothers life in danger, less than 40 days if the baby had some medical reasons.2) What and why you personally believe what you do i just follow my religions point of view as i mentioned above.3) How are the government in your country addressing the "issue". (Or, if you cba to look it up, generalize your people without being a dickhead and decide what you'd like your country to do) well in my country youre not allowed to obort in any situation, like if you had sex with a girl and she become pregenant she doesnt has the rights to obort, however, jews and muslims share the same perspective in the religious side.
  8. i ragged you for 6 months non-stop how you dare to talk?
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