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  1. Below I will leave a picture to my max veng, I'm curious to see yours. Instructions: Type ::maxhits in game
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/driftxy I get decent viewers already
  3. is it legal to stream rsps's on twitch? if so ill stream roatz
  4. Just let me know if you need help setting it up
  5. So I noticed when the [Did You Know?] auto broadcast came up it said something like, "Roat Pkz has a teamspeak server at ts.roatpkz.com:8422 1. you can connect with the main domain ts.roatpkz.com (OCD Kicked in) 2. Would you like me to make the teamspeak look a little better X D Below i will provide pictures of my personal teamspeak and the design. Questions you may have: * Can i setup ranks/advanced permissions? Yes * Do i know the proper way to setup channels via join power/subscribe power? Yes * Why do i wanna give the ts a new design ? Players cant make temp channels, and it seems pretty plain My Teamspeak:
  6. Please for the love of god make it so i can resize the client, i have a 1920x1080 monitor and it it just terrible to play on when i cant resize it, and there is this small box in the middle of my screen
  7. Just wanted to wish the community of Roatz a Very Happy Halloween! Make sure you guys stay safe tonight! You will catch me on roatz for the rest of the night. much love <3
  8. Feedback would be greatly appreciated
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