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  1. Pure pk is all rng wdf you boastin about lil nigga, try pure nhin as hatcx said, you'd get slapped the fuck up by rod lml.
  2. Atlanta


    Hello All Your friendly neighborhood S W A T S here with a public service announcement. So after weeks go by, I guess no one really still understands the differences between pking, ragging and nsing. So below i made a list of objectives for each of the following: PKING: Focuses on killing your opponent. Ragging: Focuses on clearing your opponent and forcing them to log after a certain amount of time. NSING: Attacking your oppenent everyday till either 1 of you logs, and rematch the next day, day after that and so on, hence the term non stop. The only way a ns ends is if one pms the other for off. -Also just want to briefly clarify, when i'm in 70 def, I don't touch 1 defs, they hit me thinking they can pk ahrims. After several warnings, they dont off. So i don't wanna hear any of yall bitchin about me touching 1 defs. That's why I go on "Atlaanta". Hopefully yall understand the differences now. -Your friendly neighborhood, S W A T S
  3. 11/10 on this post! -Gz tho man -Your friendly neighborhood S W A T S
  4. @she rags u dont ever hit me? u log after 1 fight, @spleen dont come back to 92cb if u gonna be a bitch and hide at max, know your place.
  5. So..., I feel as if this server is full of autists, so I have to make this post to remind them all of what ragging really is. NO kills do not matter, just because I die doesn't mean you're better. It seems that yall dont understand its about clearing the other person. But i aint into that shit, I prefer to attack yall everyday on a consistent basis, that's calling nsing. (non stop). Meaning we rm everyday till log. Hopefully I made it clear to all yall retards who think kills matter when i'm suicidin and all ya still bein cleared. -Your friendly neighborhood S W A T S.
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