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  1. quality stuff bro, do you hybrid pk in the wild? ign Ignorance
  2. I yelled my Loc and Big G decided to pay me a visit, little did he know Smokey990925 Was going to add him to the list.
  3. None of you retards give Lee any peas. Man will snake it and then say something like sherags lured and ddosed me for it.
  4. I was thinking that very same thing lol. Man like lee never changes forever will be a wasteman.
  5. Karma is real my boy, and being a snake isn't cool.
  6. careful don't get exposed fam..
  7. Trust me, I wasted my life making one as well and he didn't even recognize a winner. if you ask me gretar dont give a fuck.
  8. So basically Craig enjoys to flame people when he's actually a retard irl eventually shit you say catches up to you, thus the reason craig is only a warrior on roatpkz.
  9. Welcome back young one.
  10. Didn't we have one of these done by gfx creators in the past and none of them were used?
  11. I've never really donated but i'm pretty sure you should have extra room in your inventory when opening these sort of boxes because you can get more than one item from a single box or so I think it works, maybe I'm wrong. Nice though.
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