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  1. You are a retard, that is clearly told in english lmao.
  2. Na you shouldn't pm to downies, nothing useful coming out of their mouths
  3. Gz lmao edge pkers ftw, too bad u cant develop ur social life with that pic.
  4. Stfu yoobs lol, ph ddoses me, i got pics of ppl admitting. Quit the game retard.
  5. Wasn't even max you idiot l0l.
  6. Haha, that's what i'm thinking Arun
  7. Tom helped you to figure out that?
  8. U so mad kiddie. Oh yea i died to 7 of you in multi, damn what a shame l0l. Btw is that ur girlfriend on ur profile picture? n1 mate, how much did she cost?
  9. You cant do anything l0l , handle ur madness downie. Btw i would sell ur items back to you, friends price l00l
  10. Thomad y so mad, i heard u got b0nk. thanks for ur donation paki
  11. It's here missclicked Thomad so mad he died to me
  12. First tanked their 6 man 5 min tb , than killed 1 dumbass for b0nk. http://imgur.com/g4W3dOj Cu paki Rm Haters gonna hate.
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