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  1. kyc

    Nice guy

    Not sure about that
  2. kyc

    Nice guy

    Helmour is the nicest guy I've ran into on this server. He smited me even tho i was toxic to him b4 and still gave back my items. What a hero! Wish more ppl would be like him :)
  3. Hi. I've tried to download the latest client and re-downloading Java. When i run the client this text comes up: Sorry, an error has occured whilst loading Roat pkz (Link to the picture below) https://gyazo.com/7be05811fc803ecd8c95ac8a4eb9c539 Can anyone help me?
  4. Helmour for president
  5. So i saw this guy helmour at brid. I told him that i was new and wasnt so good at bridding. After a little chat he game me enough pkp to afford rune pouch, defender, torso and a f cape. What a nice guy
  6. Helmour is the only nice guy in that clan
  7. Username: KycRecruiter:ThorruTotal Kills: 859Playtime: couple of weeks roat. 5 years osrsTell us a bit about yourself: Hi. Im from Finland and i love clan pking. Im a really nice person and i would love to join a good clan. What are your reasons for wanting to join and how will you contribute the clan?: I will come on pk trips, listen to leaders, help out the clan in the best way i can
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