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  1. dont u guys worry bud ill take the L ill be back better than ever just a minor setback waiting for a major comeback AbiDubai1.0 will be coming.
  2. hahaha jblind youre fucking little spastic immature phoney go make me some coffee i dont need to bullshit on a fucking game you freak i got real life responsibilities as a man, i do not appreciate getting fucked in the ass by kids on the server and then getting fucked by it alll over again by the server staff. i did try to sell my pkp for osrs because the kid who blackmailed me and scammed me was pming me after i cleaned his bank on roatz so ya he fucking suckered me and now look im arguing with a fucking clown on forums because kids are fucking kids. you think id donated almost 3 fucking grand just to throw it away. give your head a shake @JBLIND
  3. because i was at duel and i got tricked into it when the guy asked me and then took a screen shot of me saying ill give him pkp and then later on used it as black mail if i didnt give him more items to not post the screenshot so i basically got scammed and banned for nothing. like if i had the screen shots or if somewhere in the system software if u could go back to that date and see the messages you would know im not lying. i didnt think the guy was going to scam me and then ban me like dude i didnt support the server just to never play again man come on now this is just bizarre. & frankly a user ban is just disrespect you might as well perm mac ban me or ip-ban me at this point since every appeal i make gets shut down. the server barely has players as it is and they wont even let 1 loyal one back.... this is not fair and i request a review by gretar id rather him tell me ill never get my account back.
  4. so i make another account appeal 5 months later only for it to get shut down and instantly declined again. to be honest im really bothered at jblinds comment about my appeal "good luck on rebuild" he knows for a fact i have millions on my account and that arrogant behavior cannot be tolerated just like my actions taken place on September 12th 2018. As a reply to pk guys reply, yes it is my 2nd offense but my 1st offense i had no knowledge of as i was new to the community, but i cleared that up with gretar via email. its not fair that the 2nd time i dont get an expiry. you might as well IP-ban me. why would i want to start all over after supporting the server for years while donating thousands of dollars just to support the server. i request an expiry date on my ban just because of jblinds rude, immature comment. theres no need for that type of behavior. you dont need to rub it in my face while im trying to recover my account.
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