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  1. Hi. The user responsible for this hacking has already been reported and MAC banned (hacked multiple people). I can see that you now have a verified email on your account which will require the security code to be entered for login attempts from a different IP/MAC address than your last one. To prevent this kind of thing happening always remember to use a different password on every game you play!!
  2. Yeah, but to be fair the tax issue is not really BMT's fault, it's their legal obligation and as such that % of the payment doesn't get to Roat Pkz. I don't know which payment processor every RSPS uses, but at least 2 others I checked are also using BMT so it probably is the most suitable one right now. Not worth to being a tax dodger and creating unwanted attention of law enforcement. Donate by OSRS gold to avoid VAT. https://secure.bmtmicro.com/resources/info/VAT.html
  3. Hatcx monitor: (The left side of your images is missing)
  4. Hey, I see what you're saying and how it can feel waiting for the custom reward. Gretar just wanted to add the special personal touch when handing out these himself, so as mods or admins we can't do it (in rare cases he can allow access to certain admins if he knows he won't be available). Believe me I did suggest the idea of an automatic system before, example an interface to select your custom, but a lot of players really do appreciate the meeting with Gretar. Secondly, as said above, that would make it too easy for fraudulent/charged-back payments to be able to claim a custom and even manage to lose/sell it to someone else before we are able to handle the situation. Here is an excerpt from the Customs info page: https://roatpkz.com/donate/customs/
  5. Well done guys, some great entries and worthy winners! Keep up the killing and keep recording. If you didn't win: better luck next time!
  6. Neitiznot faceguard does have +1 strength over it which IMO still isn't worth versus like +20 better def stats of Serp + venom. This helm will cost 50 LMS points (5000 pkp) and Serp costs 3000 pkp + scales. Decide for yourselves!
  7. We are working on tweaking the random event to make it more user friendly. At the moment the difficulty is a little higher than we'd prefer because we've been experiencing a high amount of advanced botting and trying to get that stopped. But it's never our intention to 'punish' legitimate players with cooldowns. We have some other (secret) ideas to monitor and flag bots so hopefully we can rely less on random events to catch them in future. If you have any suggestions to help, or you want to report any bots who are ruining it for the rest of us, feel free to let us know.
  8. PK Guy


    Would be cool. I'd also like a quick chat when you click your stats so it says "My *skill name* level is # !" Just maybe add a cooldown so it can't be spammed.
  9. PK Guy

    New Arrival

    Nice intro and welcome to Roat Pkz! Those names recall memories of the good old days. I entered the RSPS scene in '09, and remember particularly playing so many variants based on Delta, and then later PI, including trying my hand at running my own. Most servers were so amateurish back then, but the quality and standards these days is raised so high that RSPS can and does rival OSRS.
  10. Nice layout, it's good but you put the wrong image for "imbued" God capes which give +15 magic. I have one of them, can send you a screenshot when I get in-game.
  11. @Sandal Happy bday bro have a good one (rent a dune buggy and go crazy in your backyard)
  12. Assuming you're telling the truth, you've been given the benefit of doubt. The person who took your bank is mac banned already. Since you didn't have a security code on your account at the time this incident happened, nothing further can be done for you anyway.
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