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  1. High quality update as per usual, good work once again mate
  2. Sounds good, doesn't work. I don't FP but moving it to G.E. is a reasonable suggestion. Support for multiple lanes would be good, and with players unable to stand on planted flowers (except while planting). Not a high priority change, but something to think about.
  3. LOL I need to go PK at revs, maybe more noobs like you!
  4. What you mean, just do 40-40 DDS x4 and you will kill them everytime?! But seriously, I'd recommend to ::vote, ::claim, sell that shit and buy Dh' set + G Maul and have at it. More fun and higher chance to kill.
  5. I keep telling you Gym Life account is banned. Not mac banned. Make a new name backed with a new personality.
  6. Staff impersonation! Someone get him
  7. Wow, great activity from the SS team, but seriously lacking from us people with the crowns - except Bot Fantastic of course. I will aim to double my playtime, as xmas hols are approaching, things IRL might quieten down and give me more time to do what I enjoy!
  8. Oh soz thought you meant the client would open and not load cache. In that problem the update check is failing, (more likely blocked by some software) but you can open the client from this path: C:\Users\YOURNAME\rpkzclient\rpkz2.jar I just need to upload the latest cache for you since we just had an update to duel interface so the one I uploaded before is outdated already!
  9. Hey bro, go into your user folder again: C:\Users\USERNAME\ 1. Delete the Roat Pkz folders if they are there (you can keep the screenshot one but delete the others). 2. Download this file: https://gofile.io/?c=RaPFRq and place it in that folder, then extract it in there. Now run the client from your launcher as before. Basically you will be manually adding the cache instead of letting the client download it. It's a short term fix but I will help you more later to see why the download is blocked
  10. PK Guy


    Welcome to Roat Pkz!
  11. Oh heyyyy, there you are DEVISTATION my bestest friend!! Long time no see, how are you fella? . . Yeah, yeah, great stuff. Listen you mind hooking me up, just until I can get back on my feet. Need to rb quick and get that nigga back that clean me, you know how it is!
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