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  1. Disrespectful to win by kicking the man
  2. PK Guy


    A literal tree hugger! (Sorry) FYI you've been frozen,
  3. There's a lot of visual aids and options within the challenge interface, which if people just took an extra second to check, they will save themselves a lot of unnecessary anxiety and frustration. If in doubt, always click the 'use last rules' and you can't go wrong... obviously if staff are babysitting the duel arena people might stop but you can't expect a 24 hour guard watch. They can't punish for it anyway unless it's excessively done (see above post)
  4. It's a really great server, definitely the best I ever played and the one I've logged the most time on. Heck I spent way more years on Roat Pkz than I ever did on RuneScape itself, having first joined here in 2012 it's been cool to see the evolution over time to where it is today. Big thanks to Gretar for all the hard work he's done. He's a total perfectionist so emphasis on quality. And to the staff for volunteering their time to keep things running smoothly - which is easier said than done, I've been there and done that, and these admins in particular have been dedicated for years. Roat Pkz just has the right balance of everything: mixing an abundance of content; pioneering new, unique and never-before-seen ideas in RSPS (or even RS); an active community all over the map; and a level of rules that are not too strict nor too relaxed. It's not a coincidence it survived above others and for so long. Long may it continue!
  5. I wish it would roll down and automatically execute the command the way it does with ::spec, I can't be bothered re-typing
  6. 1 server = 1 world in RuneScape terminology. I don't think it's worth splitting the playerbase to multiple worlds, so that's why "only EU". As for the location, EU is more central, we have a lot of Asian/Middle Eastern players who would suffer if it was hosted in NA. I get what you're saying but unfortunately it's one of those 'can't please everyone' issues. Hopefully it's not so bad all of the time
  7. https://oldschool.tools/calculators/melee-max-hit @ 40 HP you can hit 80! As for Claws vs AGS, there's a reason Claws cost so much more. Yes they are a more accurate, reliable and faster weapon, but other than spec they are useless so if you don't KO with them, unlike the AGS you can't attempt a wild swing as the strength bonus is lacking. So if you only use them for 2 hits a fight, they should be more reliable I think.
  8. Merry Xmas, have a good one everyone, all the best
  9. PK Guy

    Xmas event

    Are you really looking for a lengthy multi-step quest though? Most people I bet just want to unlock the Xmas reward item and get it over with so they can return to PK'ing. Also, making it more interesting will just result in certain "lower IQ" players struggling to complete it....probably.. keeping it nice and simple makes sense. Actually, this event format benefits from the fact you can keep doing it after you get the holiday item by re-playing it, which is arguably the best money maker in-game right now. So take advantage of it whilst you can. Or kill others trying to take advantage of it. The area should be a hotspot until the event is removed.
  10. Some impressive numbers there and some unfamiliar names (to me) joining the team. But looks to be working well, keep up the good work gang, I know how it's like, but those days are behind me, for the time being..............................
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