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  1. PK Guy

    ultimate expose

    I don't play OSRS, what's your Roat Pkz name boy? edit:
  2. PK Guy

    NEVER DYING actually dies

    High quality fake 10/10 I almost believed it
  3. @JBLIND worth to enter an application
  4. I want to hear the clip of Taylor calling Jake a Bugs Bunny look-alike prick again. (On account of his goofy teeth)
  5. PK Guy

    hi my name is xex and i need assistance

    It's Rodriguez
  6. PK Guy

    ultimate expose

    Link me to that timer please Zeppers
  7. PK Guy


    Support for dragon jav replaced by dragon jav p++
  8. PK Guy

    New Wilderness Key Event Feedback!

    "Super lucky" that he was hit by blood spells instead of ice spells! Also, maybe others didn't realise his attacker could have been PJ'ed and forced off, so that somebody who wanted to stop him could get on him. Early days yet, people will learn some tactics soon enough.
  9. PK Guy

    ultimate expose

    Ohhhhh so you're God Simba, it's all making sense now. Ok, I will find you, and I will NS you
  10. Great stuff bro! BTW did you restart your client? Needs cache update to see the key itself and the image in the announcement over the chat.
  11. PK Guy

    Looking for a quick lead

    Would be cool to add Han and have him tell the age of acc, but of course he will have "forgotten" when the veterans joined due to amnesia (a few too many knocks to the head). Chef is 2013 kid, I 'member!
  12. PK Guy

    Loc of 44s gate fix

    I agree, and I'm saying it as a PVMer here. I like the thrill of being chased and trying to escape. But a slayer task at this dude is basically like a safe zone.
  13. PK Guy

    Laptop Background - KSPASMA

    Looks nice actually
  14. PK Guy

    Why I've been a cunt recently

    I got my archer ring for watching this, thanks bro. Lorem Ipsum!
  15. PK Guy

    Staff Feedback - November 2018

    Reading these whilst logged in-game, clocking up those AFK hours