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  1. Wow nice story, sounds like a good way to kill 10mins. I hope you got everything off your chest here before your mute expired. P.S. Re-read: Rule #4 - excessive usage is punishable, although insults are generally allowed, it's best not to get too crazy. Be the bigger man and don't get triggered so easily.
  2. Most achievements are based in the Wilderness though, and sometimes the PvM or skilling grind is a welcome break from PK'ing, without having to log off and play something else. This suggestion just gives people motivation to reach an end goal. The genius of skill/achievement capes in RS was that it pushed many players into grinding for many, many hours to obtain a cape, pretty much for status symbol (there are capes with equivalent or better stats that are obtained much faster). So a noob could have most skills in say level 50s or 60s, but 99 cooking lol. Gaming is about getting players hooked, to keep them playing, as long as possible. Long term rewards that can be used as show-off items fit this idea.
  3. Please unban my main acc: Zezima Also I forgot pass need it reset pls tyvm
  4. Still not binding.... You getting lucky doesn't prove me wrong. I'll refund S0dv3no. I'm not wrong. Therefore I win. 24hrs to pay my 500k or else
  5. Hi, this looks like a gigantic miscarriage of justice. Call me if you need a lawyer. I can get you off this charge (and a lot more). NO WIN NO FEE
  6. I don't think that's a binding contract. It's pure shit-talking. Next time force him to carry the risk.... (I bet you 500k I'm right!)
  7. YouTuber rng!!!!!!! Gimme that scythe I've opened way more
  8. Didn't show the trading? Got to be really fast to get it done though. But you can really transfer item(s) away while at 0 HP to avoid losing? By the way, on short clips you can add .gif on the end of the link to embed it like so: Doesn't work for clips longer than, idk... 10 sec? Because Gyazo makes them into mp4, basically videos
  9. GG Don't be a stranger, the door is always open
  10. Use my pet collector scrolls for serious pet hunting!!
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