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  1. I seriously was going to help you out, but the window of opportunity was small because I had a few errands to run, so I didn't have time to hang around. I have added you on RS, in the rare chance that I see you on there, or if you catch me in-game on Roat just shoot me a PM and I'll sort you out. I have a random stock of GP on there, even though I don't actively play OSRS - just use it as a testing ground to check out stuff. I near enough maxed RS3, not doing that shit again.... my acc BTW:
  2. Sure let's meet on RS right now - World 2 bank, I'll trade you it!
  3. PK Guy

    favorite zoo animal?

    Bonobo ape
  4. PK Guy

    Buying purple donator extreme

    OK cool add me (same name), on phone atm, be on in around 30mins
  5. PK Guy

    Buying purple donator extreme

    Could maybe do this, but I need raw pkp only
  6. PK Guy

    I'm the best pker on roatpkz

    I'm pure PK specialist..
  7. PK Guy

    suggestions by best pker on raotpkz

    Some good ideas there mate, I like most of them
  8. PK Guy

    The server lag past few days

    Yes, I have also been experiencing random lag spikes, seems to affect many players at once.
  9. PK Guy

    hi smackd here

    Welcome to the server brother, PM me for tips!
  10. PK Guy

    first day back

    Best PKer after Ahmash
  11. PK Guy

    people still play this? lol

    Aren't you forecasting in-game?
  12. Even your calendar has bugs
  13. PK Guy

    Highlight CC members in right click

    I like the idea actually, could be something like this: (image source: https://cdn.roatpkz.com/media/media-donations/donator/titles.png) Alternatively there could be a clan setting (or command) that disables "friendly fire" - in other words it wouldn't allow you to attack your clan-mate even if you tried, but IDK if you want to go that far... maybe if you've been tempted to BS before.. Anyway the idea to highlight CC members is a good one, especially if you're in a big and awesome CC as Absol's and don't want to misclick someone in a mass war.
  14. PK Guy

    slayer spawns

    True. Whilst some tasks do have multiple locations (rev caves and main wildy), there are others like the above example which need to be skipped for no other reason than lack of spawns. Somebody did suggest to make Demonic Gorillas count as Black Demons (just like OSRS) but since I have them blocked IDK if Gretar has done this yet.
  15. PK Guy

    Admin Flames Me For No Reason

    He's a retard just flame him back or add him to ignore.