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  1. B.A.T. cave, get it??? Hhhhhh. Anyway welcome back, some old faces still around
  2. The shame of the above defeat is directly responsible for Zezima's early retirement. He hasn't been seen since
  3. Sure, why the **** not? As long as it can be toggled and not straight up word censorship, then I'm all for it. Let the ******* have their profanity filter please Gretar, you ****** ******!!
  4. Good job Metaz, keep it with the vids.
  5. Wait I remember you, you're an iron man.
  6. Pretty sure I told you if suiciding while NS'ing , to do it at Fun pk zone. As for your second comment, what botting are you talking about - like NS bots that run back into the wilderness?
  7. New idea: rolling hit splats and when you click the player whatever number it's on is what damage they get. Skill based because the more accurate you click the higher you hit, goodbye RNG! Hhhhhh
  8. Done! Check out ::dzone for safe and dangerous (2x XP) skilling zones
  9. We'll see. Feedback from donators for a long time has been the lack of decent money making methods that should be exclusive to the rank. And the old dzone was inadequate for the player base we have. We thought very carefully how to handle this. There is no point to adding useless monsters that won't be killed, at the same time it seemed too OP to add good monsters that can be farmed in safety, so remembering that Roat Pkz is first and foremost a PK server - we decided to use the threat of Pkers to add risk to PvMing or skilling!
  10. As far as I know, this can only be achieved by changing your Windows display settings. Right-click on the desktop -> Display settings. And then either switching to a lower resolution OR changing the scale and layout %. I did try the RoatPkz.exe client for Windows and messing about with properties to run it in compatibility mode or a different resolution, just for this program, but the client would still run the same size. In theory it should be possible to add a 'stretched-mode' because it's been done before for OSRS fixed mode. We'll see..
  11. Not sure I understand you. We already have 'titled' fullscreen - as opposed to true fullscreen, since the titlebar is present and the taskbar isn't hidden. It's accessible through client settings. The fixed mode is what it is. The window isn't maximizable, nor would there be any point to because it would be just black space. Can you clarify what you mean?
  12. Yes, either this or something like a ::ditch command would be cool. Not just for lazy people, but it will make it easier to help new people who want to restore spec OR looking for the deadman chest, the ditch command could teleport to the bank chest in between the two. Just like ::repair saved us writing a whole sentence trying to explain it.
  13. Very handy indeed ::topic 21291 will be added to my list. By the way the lesser keys are shot out of us every 10k HP lost, so at 70k, 60k, 50k health, etc etc. We have no control over when to do it, as it says above it's fully automatic, but something many people ask me during every event. Also note, before asking for HP event, bear in mind we (or at least, I) try not to clash them with other automatic server events, such as wildy key, tournaments, huge deadman chest, etc. Just to maximise attendance, and reduce notification clutter above the chat.
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