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  1. Very helpful, good work!
  2. "A useful" is correct here. And jblind do ::claim for your present from me.
  3. *Israeli (and neighbouring countries) not Pakistani LOL. And I do not know 100% why but it obviously started at some point many years ago, when a lot more things on Roat Pkz were spawnable (all Godswords, Bandos armor, all Barrow's sets, free Chaotics for donors, etc.) which very few, if any servers, at that time did and it suited their playing style. Word spread and since Arabs usually like to play together, the client was passed around. With some exceptions, they will typically oscillate between extremes of wealth and poverty with staking their favorite pastime.
  4. Gretar might wish to recompile the client with latest JDK if not already done so, could possibly be why it may affect Roat Pkz specifically.
  5. As technology is constantly improving, we have to remember we are playing a game based off OLDSCHOOL Runescape (2007). Even Roat Pkz, whilst getting content updates, is many years old underneath. Runescape was originally designed to be able to run on practically any computer with ease, the small size of "fixed screen" mode reflects the display technology at the time, some people were still on 800x600 resolution when RS2 was initially released. On today's high DPI screens, some displays do not show Java applets at their intended size relative to the rest of the screen real estate. There might be multiple ways to fix this, here is one that worked for me, make a comment below if you experience the issue and it didn't help. We will try figure it out. Step 1. Ensure you are using the latest version of Java Updating to the newest version alone could fix the problem, since Oracle are aware of it and have tried sorting it themselves to some extent. This is also important for security! Step 2. Edit the Properties of Java Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder where Java is installed, usually in Program Files: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_211\bin\Java.exe (Note: your path might be slightly different) Follow the instructions shown: (Optional: repeat this step with a file called "javaw.exe" in the same folder as "java.exe" since some apps use that instead of). 3. Re-launch Roat Pkz client to check Open the client again to see if this worked for you. Hopefully you don't have to suffer a mini-client; or use a cheap hax of changing your screen resolution for the duration of your playtime, and then changing it back to do everything else.
  6. Hacker has been found and punished.
  7. It comes down to what we define as a scam or not. For things like rule switching in a stake, we have added a delay to last second changes so it is up to the players to check properly before accepting. For some other types of scams, particularly in risk zone, scamming is more actively punished as it is harder for the players to control rules and see their opponents risk clearly beforehand (or it is easy to show one thing and quickly change it to another without other player seeing).
  8. Sounds like a good idea, I think it could be cut down a bit though, many duplicate or similar items there that will not be used by most people. I think a tutorial guide teleporting you around and showing stuff plus a very basic starter bank will be great. If people can learn how to spawn they can get the rest themselves.
  9. I recently got a new Microsoft Surface Go and experienced the "tiny" client problem for the first time, it is not Roat Pkz problem - it is a Java problem. I will make a topic for the fix since I tried to help people in the past, but it's hard without facing the issue yourself. It is nothing to do with changing your screen resolution btw, I'll edit this topic with a link when I made it. Edit: just re-read your comment, interfaces are based on sprites, and I don't think they would "stretch" well in fullscreen mode for bigger screens, so them remaining fixed size and looking smaller on a big screen is sort of normal, but yeah post your examples
  10. This is the admin Jblind (Jordan):
  11. Why sell to Abdul and not Mazchna (Pkp shop), I thought he offered a bit more? Anyway it's just pennies so I guess doesn't really matter. Me and Ahmash combined got almost 1k keys, was planning to make this video at some point if I can be bothered to do it.
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