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  1. Hiiii Vanessa....! Mojo#6281 is my discord
  2. PK Guy


    100k pkt or u cant use it
  3. PK Guy

    Forum staff?

    Trust issues are well justified based on past experiences, problem with giving forum CP access is danger of IP leaks, some people take this game so serious as to DDOS over pixels. No matter how well you think you know someone, or how long you've known them, they are still just strangers on the internet unless you meet IRL. Therefore I completely understand Gretar's hesitation, and the forum is 3rd party software, unlike the game/main website, there is limited controls to what he can show/hide in the admin settings.
  4. Works for me. Clear cache of those sites or test on another browser
  5. I was 100% with you until you forgot Korasi. Just for that disrespect NO SUPPORT Also Turmoil and soulsplit loc?!
  6. It's not really about profit, that's what risk zone is for, or possibly deeper wild. Supposed to be for fun first. You want to whack welfarers and then complain you're not making money from them, stick on risk-defence and fight people in better gear only. Forcing people to risk more by upping prices leads to either even weaker welfarers (full rune with d scimi??) or makes for boring pking (using a 5-10k set but eating at 85+ hp and then tabbing).
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