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  1. Oh a weird rsps fanboy i quit years ago you freak come talk to me on osrs with your lvl 3 account my osrs name is Hydra and me. stop being a weirdo when you dont know shit forum dicksucking jobless lowlife degenerate.
  2. Well you and shittyboy both put the most in both are in the same clan and your acting like this is completly random seriously? did you give shitty his 5m back no wonder you was dropping ags lol from a 9m win you would be doing ely drops etc tight fucker so people just to re cap they both worked together then gave money back lmao how fucking sad bahaha.
  3. All i see is your bitch ass cry and whine about something daily shut the fuck up or i will personally rage you off this game also dont accuse people of ddosing without evidence dumbass.
  4. lol this is why the forums never fail to amaze me you should get jobs as stand up comedians xd
  5. i have over 70k rev kills on osrs lol.
  6. rev cave is locked down by clans so i would say no #fuckmongolian pk farmer
  7. i say add it it was apart of the main game so why not make someing special down there xd
  8. l0l xd
  9. what how is benzema the owner of real madrid explain!!!!
  10. 911 airplane

    I love you big G <3

    Lol who ever rwts roatz pkp in 2019 must be dumb its so easy to earn pkp now.
  11. just look at the private chat forget the spec let me pj what a faggot lmfaoo
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