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  1. whats best recording software to use atm that I can get for free? maybe i finally should make a lil vid
  2. few kill pics including some KS enders and some fucking dirty specs including my biggest ever dds-maul stack yet. Been Pure NHing a lot recently and finally at a fairly decent level although plenty of progress to be made still. Enjoy. 101 damage on this next one, huge spec
  3. good to see you still about bro, hope you're well
  4. server has come a long way since i first started good shit man
  5. im pretty shit nowadays but always fun coming back and dropping kids who talk too much
  6. kinda pointless post but for a community that has players that call the game shit all the time, it's actually a good server at the end of the day There's definitely things in the game that piss me off all the time and features that need work but we have to remember that Gretar is only one man and for how much shit he gets, hes done sick to implement what's he done into the server on his own. Gotta appreciate all staff members too- for the amount of abuse they get they happily still volunteer to spend their time helping to sort shit out in game which is good to see. Even the players, who can be toxic as fuck no doubt, make up a pretty good community. I see supportive comments n shit on people's PKing vids and other posts all the time and it's actually pretty cool to see. You don't really get cunts on the forum who'll just say 'shit vid' or whatever for no reason, people actually support new video makers a lot. At the end of the day, we all say it's shit but continue to spend hours a day playing it. As I said, no good reason for this post just wanted to show some appreciation to the staff team n also the players who arent toxic as fuck all the time and are generally good people. @Gretar @Smackd @[email protected] @JBLIND
  7. Just a random little discussion- I want to know what people think: is the average roat pker/nher/brid? better than the average OSRS pker/nher/brid? or, looking at it differently, how good are the best roat players compared to OSRS players? are they actually not that great or are they decent? I don't play OSRS anymore and I've only seen a few videos from @Smackd and he looks pretty good on OSRS, but theres not much else I can use to support this discussion. LMK what you think
  8. bump (is that even still a thing?) edited post to show new elo
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