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  1. Looking for youtube banner to be done , msg my discord #Craig0709
  2. let's hear my ts talks , should I leak the one of you crying in teamspeak to me aswell? and believe me you don't want those ones being in the public.
  3. boney the demon , smoking the opps sheesh, ragger thought he could compete then attempt to scam after getting bullied yikes.
  4. LMAOO PISTOLPOPPER Gets banned after refusing to pay 500k after losing NH Stake, shortly after he decides to pay the 500k for unban to his lord Boney Money after talking so much shit. Anyways Thanks https://prnt.sc/sapdyr https://prnt.sc/sarogd https://prnt.sc/sar94q https://prnt.sc/sard6i https://prnt.sc/sard6i
  5. too bad you lost it to the demon boney , failed to scam him after getting victimized .
  6. Show some love on the video
  7. 100k PKP giveaway must like/comment/subscribe your ign on youtube, another big video in the making with a higher giveaway stay tuned.
  8. hhhh meridians... al nobs... lool
  9. Need a yt banner done , message my discord Nero#0942.
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