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  1. https://screencast.com/t/iJO385wt Later (Banned by Smackd)
  2. I have every custard, 3m ea kthxbye
  3. https://screencast.com/t/EnL0uyjKOIe
  4. https://screencast.com/t/vVFAVo8Rl9
  5. https://screencast.com/t/Kp9B1Sg1
  6. Custom zone confirmed ::dwan coming soon. Dat real estate
  7. I prob merched 20m profit if you do the math on all my trades and stakes
  8. I joined in March, im a nub compared to these guys. Just played smart and also got very lucky. And donated 1k
  9. lol thats definitely proof that you're richer than all of us
  10. Extremely unlikely/impossible, tho he a legend and still very rich after all this time
  11. Got another 6-8 million not in pic. Richest ingame confirmed by Gretar Also got God of War title, King title, Mysterious title, 2x yelltags, 3x 5k customs (inferno partyhat, ween, santa) on new client, and soon a custom zone 1. Tom Dwan 55m 2. Pleasedoit 38m 3. Smackd 23-24m 4. Craig 20m? 5. Stijn?
  12. Bringing you the best screenshots I have for your entertainment... There were some huge stakes I won that I don't have screenshot of, like when I won a custom and some others... Choosing custom with Gretar (donate guys! 1k will get you a custom worth 600-800k and about 600k pure pkps) PM me if you want to stake Cleaning sexy beast: He asks me how it feels to lose 1 Day later I win his whole bank:
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