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  1. Slt down

    King Keytracker search clan

    Ur such a wasteman still playing hhh
  2. Slt down

    Hybridding #10

    Ay sick vid G
  3. Slt down

    i know this won't make it to post

    Man said random, bro ill bully u real shit
  4. Slt down

    i know this won't make it to post

    Naw gudi u bitch alot
  5. http://prntscr.com/fnpx0l this for cyan http://prntscr.com/fnpx7f light green http://prntscr.com/fnpxc4 orange http://prntscr.com/fnpw3k stay tune for a giveaway soon :)))
  6. Slt down

    ez af tbh

    Lmao whatever he is, made me a millionaire
  7. Slt down

    ez af tbh

    Lmao why donate in the first place when u can get it for free
  8. Slt down

    ez af tbh

    Ya still lok Thanks g Respect U already know bare hooks comming
  9. Slt down

    ez af tbh

    this man kept ignoring me when id ask to buy customs, but lite took it another way word http://prntscr.com/fn51j2 http://prntscr.com/fn529n P.S still looking to buy a pink ween hmu ingame still
  10. Slt down


    bruh he has nothing left, i believe L
  11. Slt down


    link every1 else with customs word
  12. Slt down


    buying pink santa or ween lmk ingame
  13. Slt down

    New Item Prices with new Client!

    yess, byut make claws a bit better IMO