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  1. 5 people asked me the name of the artist. Get your facts straight before you pipe up boio
  2. first off spastic, didnt get hit by a fucking bus so stay in your place and second it doesnt come up on Shazam because hes an unsigned artist. get educated.
  3. Isaiah

    Found old vid (try not to cringe)

    the editing is astonning
  4. Isaiah

    sell yell tag

    I’ll buy 25k pkt
  5. Isaiah

    Roat Pkz Updates 02/09/15

    Will be using this in the future... https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CDGOYI_enCA733CA733&hl=en-US&ei=XFU6XLLwKMTBjwS597joCQ&q=28+minute+timer&oq=28+minute+timer&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.3..0i67j0l3j0i22i30.7826.13909..14141...0.0..0.269.2503.0j13j2....2..0....1.......5..0i71j41j46.eLkLZVqM4rc
  6. Isaiah

    Roat Pkz Updates 02/09/15

    a little throwback thursday AMIRITE?
  7. i remember finding this rapper on the forums and cant find the post where i found him and i would like to credit you in the videos description and link your channel so you can get more publicity... video:
  8. Isaiah

    Roat Pkz Updates 02/09/15

    Just because you’re 0.828203729197% black doesn’t give you the ‘nigga pass’
  9. i changed profile pics twice?
  10. Isaiah

    opinion question

    dont hate on the man! he has enough problems to deal with...