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  1. pking at ::home is not viable with range nor mage. if you want to msb > ags/class/maul vs all this op shit, be my guest. more free pkp i’ll ever get:)
  2. no one nhs anymore so magic and range is kind of irrelevant
  3. dude... you were missing the f2p tournament! i hope you tele'd ::home and joined:/
  4. came on here JUST to see all the arabs talking about the US v ARAB heat
  5. imagining you being like the irl and saying these things makes me laugh my fucking ass off just picturing your parents being upstairs and hearing you say "ROAT PKS!". nice video though. disliked
  6. farewell bois... @JBLIND @Tesfxye
  7. this video was SUPER interesting:)
  8. in the first clip YOU WERE BANKING IRL! man doesnt give one fuck lmao
  9. Isaiah


    @Fantastic @Gretar
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