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  1. Isaiah

    Xex is a great guy x10

    10/10 wank bank material
  2. i never claimed to be part of 'black market forums' you inbred... and i like to keep them for whenever i do play a game, or two of csgo ill be pimpin:/ and who even are you? is this an alt forum account because youre hiding? and no one buys the skins? get a reality check... you couldve just Googled 'buy csgo skins' and got flooded by a WAVE of links to 3rd party csgo items:/ I just bouught the csgo items and im waiting for them to raise in price then ill dump them for PROFIT as i dont need the money right now. thanks for your input though:)
  3. there are different "dollars"... i demonstrated how much my items would be in the states, because i assumed you lived there. if you look again, you can clearly see my items are not worth $20 but ill write them in text so you can see it. my Bayonet Doppler is worth $400.82 USD my AK47 Fire Serpent is worth $259.49 USD my M4A1 Master Piece is worth $145.63 USD sorry if you couldnt see them because your eyes are crossed:/ mb
  4. but roat is a ‘PKING’ server... hence the name. “Roat PKZ” maybe in your shit currency... assumed you were from america, but guess not vOv
  5. i didnt need to say anything else because i already "won", but why was it cringe?
  6. FTFY; link if you wanna verify that i actually have this shit... https://steamcommunity.com/id/TouchTablet/inventory/#730 oh and its $20... the dollar sign goes before the number LMAO
  7. you’d fucked his dog?!... weird
  8. "getting roatted" : when you get fucked by rng on tank ... EXAMPLE #1: EXAMPLE #2: EXAMPLE #3: EXAMPLE #4: EXAMPLE #5: youre the king of speccing on tank and somehow getting the kill lol
  9. if you want to skill go play osrs lol... if you cant afford $10 a month you got other problems
  10. only way a mass amount of people talk about you... smh
  11. adamzor? LOL i wouldn’t worry man
  12. since youre not adding me, i guess ill just post it here so everyone can save it and claim it as their own... sucks to suck:
  13. i can make you GFX... ive been making GFX for my friends on xbox and would love to hone my talents to the roat flamers UPDATE:
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