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  1. requesting for you to talk to announce your referral codes!
  3. Isaiah

    need friend pls a7es

    i think the maker of xex did... ”need friend pls a7es”
  4. Isaiah

    150k PKP Giveaway

    73 ! get it? its a meme! if that numbers taken, 20
  5. a moment of silence for our brother, MyNamesTaken
  6. ok. i spent my break at work deciphering and deciding your message. i edited it above. now time to respond to your comments. (if i understand them correctly) you didn’t scam me at ::duel. you told me that you lost ~500k staking and you wanted a little money to rebuild. me being the nice guy i was at the time, i have you 10k pkt and you said you pay me back 20k when you make it... so you didn’t scam me at ::duel, but you had to stake at ::duel to pay me back so i guess you did a little bit now that i have a ~1m bank, i could care less about the 20k you have to pay me back and wish nothing but the best for your future endeavours... TLDR; i was autistic and gave 10k pkt to this rat after he said he’d pay me back double, didn’t pay me back.
  7. Isaiah

    Hefner showcase

    these are sick! great work brother
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