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  1. Isaiah

    pk vid

    nice video m8 -wheels
  2. Isaiah

    Edit by Ballin 1337

    better lucky than good amirite?
  3. man gets worked a lot...
  4. Isaiah

    roatpkz tournamnets in 1 gif

    maybe me n his sister should talk about our difficulties getting ready in the morning...
  5. Isaiah

    NSNSNSNSNNS server support application

    I’ll out NS you boi. Challenge accepted
  6. Isaiah

    NSNSNSNSNNS server support application

    NS for SS 2018
  7. Isaiah

    Pk on vid

    The only person that thought you were funny was fantastic... that’s bad.
  8. Isaiah

    Pk on vid

    https://www.replicaairguns.ca/airsoft-pistols classic rsps thug
  9. You gave him your email and/or password? No sympathy my dude
  10. Isaiah

    This is my favorite song pls listen

    reminds me of @Tesfxye , a school shooter:
  11. Isaiah

    All alone

    can you do me a HUGE solid and upload the first song to youtube (can even be private) and send me the link on forums, please?
  12. Isaiah

    All alone

    mainly the first one, but all of em. theyre good