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  1. awesome video man. dont mind the local spastic, jcunt. he hates on everyone because his life is so rough irl. only money he has coming in is from roat
  2. i stopped reading after second sentence because the staff/player base is trash here. like look at the replies i get lmfao. they’ll just be flame. mostly from the usual cunts @Tesfxye @JBLIND and @Smackd
  3. double negative equals a positive rite?
  4. was ganna pipe about this being the 'Runescape General' section of the fourm, but I agree, I don't know why the fuck he posted a video of him mining on osrs L0L
  5. the nh stakes flame when you’re out of food & brews L M F A O
  6. signing dragon claw’s 10k pkt catch me when i’m on pass it on
  7. 84 kill pics killing him 10 times in a row. killed him many more times in a row than this just didn't screenshot lol kind of ironic, because your name is 'L2 Blacklist' when literally EVERYONE rags you when you're on L0L
  8. no this was cancer ngl. i usually support things you come up with Fruit, but this is a shit idea...
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