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  1. was ganna pipe about this being the 'Runescape General' section of the fourm, but I agree, I don't know why the fuck he posted a video of him mining on osrs L0L
  2. the nh stakes flame when you’re out of food & brews L M F A O
  3. signing dragon claw’s 10k pkt catch me when i’m on pass it on
  4. 84 kill pics killing him 10 times in a row. killed him many more times in a row than this just didn't screenshot lol kind of ironic, because your name is 'L2 Blacklist' when literally EVERYONE rags you when you're on L0L
  5. no this was cancer ngl. i usually support things you come up with Fruit, but this is a shit idea...
  6. maybe thats my problem... i dont spec on tank! I'm ganna try it out hopefully it works as well as it does for everyone else! jk but nice video
  7. musics low deal with it retards
  8. my daytage from yesterday
  9. stack brid with good switches and ags gmaul. nice
  10. and everytime i log in you log out so i guess you guys share something in common
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