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  1. you dont. only people that have had it, get veteran... ive been asking for it forever, but havent seen it.... (smh)
  2. i cant ban silly retards like you... please view my username colour, admins have a yellow, or gold username, whereas i have a purple username colour, because I'm only an extreme donator... if you need to be "refreshed" on what you get from certain donation tier, go to https://roatpkz.com/donate/ and view the benefits from getting that donor rank. they can be found underneath the name of the donor rank you wish to purchase:) (eg ) additionally, if you wish to purchase a staff role, you could pm Gretar on discord by adding Gretar#0001. I do not know how much he charges for an admin role, but if you want to know BEFORE you buy it, you can ask @JBLIND
  3. you just uploaded your own evidence to your ban:) ragging is against the rules btw
  4. Isaiah

    I feel like it's time

    the ONLY thing I've agreed on with you in the past ~7 years... dont let this get to your head though:/ youre still a deadbeat wheelchair joke incoming. watch
  5. please post the date you took these kill pics
  6. i see a gmaul in every kill pic.... IRRELEVANT EDIT: nice brews too lmfao
  7. i’ll stake ~100k+ for 200m
  8. now i think his idea of having different spawns for each tier of donator tank would be a good thing! it’ll promote people to buy the high tier of donor, therefore making Gretar more money, therefore allowing more roat pkz advertisements, therefore keeping a bigger, more healthy player base, therefore making the server more ‘fun’... TLDR; therefore, you’re wrong
  9. fire cape has mage def too... if youre going to click the hide when they barrage to increase your mage def, might as well flick fire cape ttoo. just saw the first clip and noticed that! nice vid though
  10. :L https://cutt.ly/9yKQSuW
  11. あなたがアジア人でないならアニメを見ないでくださいあなたは変な白人です
  12. '4-way switch into thie MAX GEAR. youre not even wearing tassets... sleeper zzzzzzz
  13. this is disgusting... you should drive on the left hand side of the road! lmk how it goes brother
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